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V Rising

Where to Get Silkworms and Silk

Scott Peers

This page details where to find Silkworms and Silk in V Rising. We’ll cover the best places to farm for both of these items, and what they’re used for in crafting.

How to Find Silkworms and Silk in V Rising

You won’t find much use for Silkworms or Silk in the early parts of the game, but as you progress through the Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills, you’ll begin to realize that both of these items are important materials in recipes for the higher level armor, such as the Bloodmoon set. This makes them essential items if you want to reach Gear Level 80.

Icon Name Description Use
VRisingSilkworm.png Silkworm Reagent used for crafting Required item to craft Silk in the Tailor Loom
VRisingSilk.png Silk Reagent used for crafting Required item to craft and repair the Bloodmoon armor set

Destroy Egg Sacs in the Cursed Forest Spider Cave

The only reliable source of Silkworms in V Rising at present is the Spider Cave, which can be found in the northern part of the Cursed Forest region, itself located in the northeast of Vardoran. This is a fairly tough area if you’re not at least level 60+, so be sure to bring some allies if necessary. As you wander through the Spider Cave, you’ll encounter numerous white egg sacs, which are usually placed up against a cave wall. You can destroy these with melee weapons or magic, then wait for the Silkworms within to begin running around. You’ll need to catch these Silkworms to loot them, but they’re not at all swift so you shouldn’t have much trouble. In addition to the egg sacs, you can also acquire Silkworms by killing specific spiders which have visible egg sacs on their bodies. By the time you’re done with clearing the cave, you should at least have a stack of 50 Silkworms to take home.

Loot Chests, Containers, and Destructible Objects in the Cursed Forest and Brighthaven

Aside from the Spider Cave, which is the most reliable source of Silkworms in the game at the moment, you can also sometimes find pieces of Silk by looting chests, containers, and by destroying destructible objects in the high level areas such as the Cursed Forest, and particularly Brighthaven. The drop rate is low, but it’s worth keeping this in mind as you explore the areas.

What is Silk Used For?

Craft and Repair the Bloodmoon Armor Set

The primary reason to acquire a lot of Silkworms in V Rising at the moment is to place them in the Loom within a Tailor Room. So long as you’ve constructed the room properly, it should only cost you 3 Silkworms, 3 Cloth, and 6 Highland Lotus to craft 1 piece of Silk. It’s important that you have a decent amount of each of these items as you approach level 70, since you’ll need a total of 24 Silk to craft an entire Bloodmoon armor set. This is currently the only use for Silk in the game, but we might expect that it will come in handy for other things in the future. If nothing else, you’ll need to store a decent amount of Silk to ensure that you can repair your Bloodmoon armor whenever it’s sufficiently damaged.

(1 of 3) The Spider Cave is located in the far north of the Cursed Forest.


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