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V Rising

V Rising Blood Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Blood Abilities in V Rising.

Crimson Beam is one of the Blood Ultimate abilities in V Rising.

Blood Ability Effects

The Blood category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around some form of life leech. Many of these spells have ways of absorbing health from your enemy and passing on to yourself or your allies, making them useful for moments where you’re sustaining a lot of damage in boss fights.

Blood Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
VeilofBloodSkillsVRising.png Veil of Blood Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and heals you for 5% of your maximum health Default

Veil of Blood

You’ll start the game with Veil of Blood, and it remains a useful Travel Ability for a while. When used, you’ll dash towards your cursor and your next primary attack will deal bonus damage and heal you. This will have greater effect as your damage output increases, but all in all, there are far better Travel Abilities in V Rising.

Blood Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
BloodRageSkillsVRising.png Blood Rage Shield self and nearby allies for 110% of your spell power and increase attack speed by 25% for 4.5s Defeat Rufus the Foreman (20)
BloodRiteSkillsVRising.png Blood Rite Block melee and projectile attacks for 1.5s. Blocking an attack heals you for 30% of your spell power and triggers a wave of energy that pushes enemies away, dealing 100% magic damage. Turn non-material for 1.2s when this effect triggers Default
CrimsonAegisSkillsVRising.png Crimson Aegis Apply a shield to target ally or self that shields the target for 200% of your spell power. Knocks back nearby enemies when the shield is applied Defeat Grayson the Armourer (27)
SanguineCoilSkillsVRising.png Sanguine Coil Launch a projectile that deals 75% magic damage and leeches 40% health on enemy hit. Heals ally for 100% and self for 40% of your spell power on ally hit Defeat Meredith the Bright Archer (52)
ShadowboltSkillsVRising.png Shadowbolt A shadow projectile that deals 200% magic damage and inflicts a 1s fading snare Default

Blood Rage

Blood Rage is a fine filler for how early you get it in the game, and the shield buff will scale with your spell power at higher levels. The attack speed buff is fine, but you’ll only really notice it on the slower weapons like the mace. Its biggest issue is that if you want a shield ability, there are better alternatives.

Blood Rite

You’ll start the game with this ability, and although it’ll take some time to learn how to use it properly, it’s one of the better Counters in the game. When used, you’ll put up a small barrier for 1.5 seconds and should you be struck by melee or projectile attacks, you’ll heal yourself for 30% of your spell power while dealing some damage and pushing the enemy away. Learn to master this, and it can be an invaluable tool throughout the entire game.

Crimson Aegis

Crimson Aegis is one of the better shield abilities in the game (and a better choice than Blood Rage). As with all shields, you can use it on yourself or an ally but it’s main selling point is the shield’s strength is 200% of your spell power, this is especially useful at higher levels making it one of the stronger defensive abilities in the game.

Sanguine Coil

The usefulness of this spell varies based on how much you or your allies get hit during battle. You’ll get three casts of the spell per each cooldown, and you’ll deal minor damage and heal yourself or you ally for some of that damage. You really need to ensure you hit all 3 casts to make this count, but this can be invaluable in boss battles where you’re out of potions.


Another ability you’ll start the game with and its fine as a damage dealer in the early stages of the game. It’s main issue lies in that it’s completely outclassed by the excellent Chaos Volley you also obtain in Farbane Woods.

Blood Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
CrimsonBeamSkillsVRising.png Crimson Beam Channel a beam of energy that deals 150% magic damage to enemies hit, and heals allies for 100% of your spell power per second for up to 4s. Each target hit heals self for 25% of your spell power Defeat Raziel the Shepherd (60)
HeartStrikeSkillsVRising.png Heart Strike Dash forward and strike enemies in a line. Deals 150% magic damage and heals self for 150% of your spell power over 3.5s. A nova of blood erupts when effect ends dealing 150% magic damage to the victim and nearby enemies Defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief (64)

Crimson Beam

Continuing the theme of Blood spells, the first of the two Ultimates, Crimson Beam, is great for group play. It’ll heal your allies based on the enemies it hits for 100% of your spell power, making this really potent at higher levels. This is definitely more of a support Ultimate so don’t go bringing it along for major damage.

Heart Strike

If Crimson Beam is great for group play, Heart Strike is similar but aimed at more solo play. It’ll deal more damage and heal yourself for 150% of your spell power before the following eruption deals damage around your target. This is a good choice for those boss battles that throws plenty of adds your way.


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