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V Rising

V Rising Illusion Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Illusion Abilities in V Rising.

Spectral Guardian is one of the Illusion Ultimate Abilities in V Rising.

Illusion Ability Effects

The Illusion category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around some form of summoning. Many of these spells will summon creatures to either deal damage or protect you from harm, making this a useful ability type to use in group play.

Illusion Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
VeilofIllusionSkillsVRising.png Veil of Illusion Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage. Spawns an illusion that throws projectiles that deal 40% magic damage. Recast to return to your start position and spawn a new illusion at your current location Defeat Polora the Feywealker (34)

Veil of Illusion

Veil of Illusion is a Travel Ability that is good in the hands of a skilled user. It’s extra damage from the illusion you leave behind isn’t reason enough to use this over the other Travel Abilities either. Where this does shine is its ability to allow you to teleport back to your starting position, allowing you to avoid a lot of mechanics.

Illusion Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
MistTranceSkillsVRising.png Mist Trance Block melee and projectile attacks for up to 1.5s. Turn non-material and teleport to cursor location when an attack is blocked. Resets the cooldown of your secondary weapon attack. Defeat Defeat Foulrot the Soultaker (62)
SpectralAssassinSkillsVRising.png Spectral Assassin Summon a Spectral Assassin at target location that performs a heavy melee attack dealing 125% magic damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and weakening them, reducing damage output by 30% for 5s. Lasts for up to 6s Defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess (46)
SpectralWolfSkillsVRising.png Spectral Wolf Send out a spectral wolf that deals 100% magic damage, inflicts a fading snare that weakens the target reducing damage output by 30% for 5s. It bounces to a nearby enemy after each hit, up to 2 hits. Each hit deals 75% damage Defeat Polora the Feywealker (34)
WispDanceSkillsVRising.png Wisp Dance Summon three wisps that circle around you, dealing 25% magic damage to enemies. Recast to launch all three wisps as projectiles dealing 50% magic damage and weakening the target reducing damage output by 30% for 5s Defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth (76)

Mist Trance

This is another shield ability that’s usefulness will be impacted by the skill of the user. You’ll need to time when you put your shield up, but when up, you’ll deflect melee and projectiles and teleport to your cursor location, making this invaluable to get out of a dangerous situation. As an added bonus, it will also rest the cooldown on your secondary weapon attack.

Spectral Assassin

The Spectral Assassin is far more useful than he may seem at first. When summoned, it will deal 125% damage to targets it hits but, more importantly, it will knock them back while also inflicting Weaken. Weaken is a fantastic debuff that decreases your foe’s damage output by 30%, very useful for when you’re dealing with multiple adds (but less so against bosses themselves).

Spectral Wolf

There’s not much to say about the Spectral Wolf, you’ll get it before you get the Assassin and if you’re looking for a summon, the Assassin has better abilities and a better debuff. That’s to say, this should only fill a slot on your hotbar until you unlock the Assassin, then switch over.

Wisp Dance

Wisp Dance is one of the final abilities you get in the game, and for that reason alone, it makes it a little disappointing. By that point in the game, there are far better abilities to use your slots on. When used, you’ll summon three wisps that will circle you, dealing damage to anyone who come into contact with it. Where Wisp Dance does shine however, is if you decide to fire them off as projectiles, each hit will inflict Weaken, making this the easiest method of inflicting the status regularly.

Illusion Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
MirrorStrikeSkillsVRising.png Mirror Strike Dash forward and bounce between nearby enemies striking them for a total of 600% magic damage split across targets within the area over 3s. Weakens target hit by 30% for 5s. Afterward, dash towards your aim direction. Recast to end this effect early. Defeat Octavian the Militia Captain (58)
SpectralGuardianSkillsVRising.png Spectral Guardian Summon a Spectral Guardian that shields allies in an area for 125% of your spell power and attacks enemies with a mighty swing. The shield is reapplied every 1.5s. The golem lasts for 7s Defeat Terah the Geomancer (48)

Mirror Strike

Mirror Strike can be rather misleading if you only quickly glance over the tooltip as you may see the 600% damage and slot it immediately. It’s important to note that this damage is split between all of the hits against multiple targets. Still, Mirror Strike is fantastic, as you’ll be invulnerable during the animation and each hit will inflict Weaken on your targets, decreasing their output further.

Spectral Guardian

Continuing the trend of useful Illusion Ultimates, Spectral Guardian is another excellent choice. It’s more themed towards group play, as the Guardian will put keep renewing a shield during its duration that scales with your spell power, making it very potent at high Gear Score levels. You can even run it on several players in a group and cycle between uses to keep up a shield for a sustained period at the start of a boss battle.


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