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V Rising

Creating a Prison Room

Shane Williams

There are many different room styles you can add into your castle and these will provide unique benefits to the base. Prison Rooms will allow you to extract from the same prisoner multiple times before they die, making it easier to stay stocked up on your blood levels. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to unlocking Prison Cells and Flooring!

You can learn the Prison Room Flooring at the Athenaeum.

Building a Prison Room

In V Rising you can build different types of rooms which are dedicated to certain types of equipment and along with it comes certain types of bonuses, such as the amount of blood taken from humans in a Prison Cell is reduced when placed in a Prison Room.

Unlocking Prison Cells

You’ll need to unlock Prison Cells for your Prison Room which can be done by defeating the Level 40 V Blood Boss, "Vincent the Frostbringer" iconVincent the Frostbringer. You can also track his blood via the V Blood menu and it’ll lead to the lower portion of Dunley Farmlands. Upon defeating Vincent you’ll want to open up your Build Menu by pressing the B-Key, then choose the Dominance Tab and build the Prison Cell which costs 8 "Iron Ingot" iconIron Ingots and Reinforced Planks.

Unlocking Prison Flooring

In order to learn the Prison Flooring you’ll need to unlock and build the Athenaeum which is done by defeating "Henry Blackbrew the Doctor" iconHenry Blackbrew the Doctor who is a Level 74 V Blood Boss, so you’ll want to make sure your gear level is at least 70-75. You can track his blood via the V Blood menu, then you’ll be led to "Trancendum Laboratories" iconTrancendum Laboratories in Gloomrot North.

Crafting The Athenaeum

After you’ve defeated Henry Blackbrew the Doctor and acquired the recipe for the Athenaeum, return to your Castle and build it. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty expensive recipe, as you need 20 "Schematic" iconSchematics, 8 Reinforced "Plank" iconPlanks, 4 "Pristine Leather" iconPristine Leather and 4 "Dark Silver Ingot" iconDark Silver Ingot.

Schematic Locations

Schematics can be dropped from enemies, crates and chests from the various settlements around Silverlight Hills.

Crafting Reinforced Planks

Reinforced Planks can be crafted via the Sawmill, but you’ll need to get your hands on the Recipe for Reinforced Planks which is done by defeating the Level 40 V Blood Boss, Vincent the Frostbringer. You can also track his blood by using the Blood Altar and it’ll lead to the lower portion of Duneley Farmlands. After you’ve acquired the recipe you’ll need to place 4 Iron Ingots and 4 Planks into the Sawmill.

Once you’re in possession of the Athenaeum you’ll need to find the Jewel Chamber Flooring Book out in the world or hope you can discover it by using 100 Schematics.

(1 of 2) Change the Flooring to Prison Flooring

Change the Flooring to Prison Flooring (left), and you’ll be given the bonuses shown at the top (right)

Pristine Leather Locations

Pristine "Leather" iconLeather can be acquired by crafting the tannery which costs 8 Planks and 160 "Rugged Hide" iconRugged Hide. Place 20 Pristine Leather and 20 "Mutant Grease" iconMutant Grease (which can be obtained by killing the mutants in the Gloomrot areas) into it.

Dark Silver Ingots Locations

Dark Silver Ingots can be made at an advanced furnace once you’ve acquired the recipe via defeating "Cyril the Cursed Smith" iconCyril the Cursed Smith.

Prison Room Bonuses

Having a Prison Room in your Castle in V Rising will allow you to drain less blood from the prisoner placed in a Prison Cell, so you’ll be able to extract from the same prisoner multiple times before they die. However, if you have any leftover Fish, then you can feed the Prisoner to restore their health to 100%. If you would like more details on fishing in V Rising, then take a look at our How To Fish page.

What Equipment Can Be Used in a Prison Room

Icon Name Description Use
Prison_Cell_V_Rising.png Prison Cell Bring a charmed human to the Prison Cell to imprison them. Great for a late night snack. The Prison Cell is great for keeping high percentage blood types in your base, so you can make yourself stronger for boss battles.
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