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V Rising

V Rising Best Spells

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of our suggestions for the best spells in V Rising.

Ability Types

V Rising has five spell categories, and each will focus on a different task. You’ll start with just a few spells in Vardoran, but upon defeating the various V Blood Carriers that are scattered all over the land. You’ll usually learn a spell that they themselves use in the battle against you, although it’s effect can change in the hands of the player.

Type Focus
Blood Many of these spells have Life Leech properties
Unholy Spells that add debuffs
Illusion Many of these spells involve summoning
Chaos Pure focus on damage
Frost All about slowing your enemies and freezing them

Your loadout will include a Travel Ability, two Basic Abilities and one Ultimate. With that in mind, we have a few suggestions for each slot when we come to determining our choices for the best spells.

Best Travel Abilities

Your Travel Ability is how you dodge the many incoming attacks you’ll face in V Rising. All of these are useful, but there are some that have more useful effects for the tougher encounters in the game.

Icon Name Description Location
VeilofChaosSkillsVRising.png Veil of Chaos Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next melee attack deals 25% bonus damage. Can be recasted once more to spawn a second illusion. Your illusions explode, dealing 50% magic damage to nearby enemies Defeat Clive the Firestarter (30)
VeilofFrostSkillsVRising.png Veil of Frost Dash towards input direction, elude nearby enemies for 2.2s and shield self for 125% of your spell power. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and conjure a nova of frost dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting chill on nearby enemies Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer (40)

Veil of Chaos

Veil of Chaos is by far the best Travel Ability in terms of getting around the battlefield. As you progress further into V Rising, you’ll notice that a lot of the bosses have the ability to get across the battlefield quickly or are so large that their attacks cover a wide range. Veil of Chaos allows you to do a second dash after your first, allowing you squeeze a little more distance between you and your foe. On top of that, it’ll also explode, dealing some damage to anyone who happens to be in close proximity to the illusion left behind.

Veil of Frost

Veil of Frost is another Travel Ability that really shines late on in V Rising. You won’t get the second dash from Veil of Chaos, but you will get a 3s shield that can take the brunt of damage from an add nearby or a boss itself. As the shield is based on your spell power, once you’re in the later stages of the game and have high spell power, the shield can almost grant an extra 50 health. As an additional side effect, it will turn your next melee into an ice nova, also useful for those times where you are being swarmed by adds.

Best Basic Abilities

You get two slots for these, and these are your bread and butter of your loadout in V Rising. There are a lot of really useful spells to select here, many of which are highly situational, so we’ve selected four spells that we believe are useful for most situations.

Icon Name Description Location
ChaosVolleySkillsVRising.png Chaos Volley Launches 2 chaos bolts in a sequence that deals 125% magic damage and inflicts Chaos Burn Defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer (26)
PowerSurgeSkillsVRising.png Power Surge Remove all negative effects and apply a shield on a target ally or self that shields the target for 125% of your spell power. Increase movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 25% while the shield lasts Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer (68)
SanguineCoilSkillsVRising.png Sanguine Coil Launch a projectile that deals 75% magic damage and leeches 40% health on enemy hit. Heals ally for 100% and self for 40% of your spell power on ally hit. Defeat Meredith the Bright Archer (52)
WardoftheDamnedSkillsVRising.png Ward of the Damned Increase movement speed by 10% and block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2s. Each absorbed attack summons a skeleton. Enemy melee attacks are knocked back. Defeat Nicholaus the Fallen (37)

Chaos Volley

You’ll earn this ability early in the game and it’s arguably the best basic ability in the game. When used, you will fire two Chaos Fireballs that will be based on your mouse cursor dealing large damage that scales with your spell power meaning it will pack a punch at endgame too. To add to the carnage, it will also inflict Chaos Burn on all those it hits, dealing damage over time too. You should always save a spot for this spell.

Power Surge

There are many useful shield-based spells in V Rising, and this one comes rather late in the game but is incredibly useful once you get it. When used, you’ll gain a short movement speed buff along with an attack speed buff. On top of that, you’ll also get the usual shield based on your spell power and you’ll be able to cast it on any ally. This works well as another tool to evade attacks later in the game when your Travel Ability is on cooldown as the movement speed is incredibly useful.

Sanguine Coil

The usefulness of this spell varies based on how much you or your allies get hit during battle. You’ll get three casts of the spell per each cooldown, and you’ll deal minor damage and heal yourself or you ally for some of that damage. You really need to ensure you hit all 3 casts to make this count, but this can be invaluable in boss battles where you’re out of potions.

Ward of the Damned

This shield is situational, but in the times that it’s useful, it’s invaluable. You’ll need to time the cast, but it will block projectiles and melee attacks in front of you and summon a Skeleton. The Skeleton itself doesn’t do much damage, but what it does do is taunt the enemies near you, allowing you to back off, reposition and heal up if needed. A lot of the late game bosses will summon lots of adds during the battle and being able to have Skeletons take the pressure off you can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Best Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
ArcticLeapSkillsVRising.png Arctic Leap Leap into the air and strike down at target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A nova of frost erupts from the impact location, freezing any enemy hit for up to 6s, enemy vampires are frozen for 3s Defeat Terrorclaw the Ogre (68)
CrimsonBarrageSkillsVRising.png Chaos Barrage Launch 4 Chaos Orbs that deal 75% magic damage on direct hit, 75% magic damage to enemies in an area and inflicts Chaos Burn. Defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter (62)

Arctic Leap

Although most Ultimates aren’t as great as their cooldowns suggest, Arctic Leap is useful in the late game boss battles when you’re up against hordes of adds. When used, you’ll leap high into the air and land where your cursor is, causing damage on impact that then hits multiple times outwards. Every hit will also freeze the enemies for 6s making it ideal to use on a group of adds to either try and kill quicker or get back and heal up.

Chaos Barrage

This is a simple one to explain, it’s all the goodness of Chaos Volley but doubled. Instead of two fireballs, you’ll sling four fireballs that will hit over a wider area, all inflicting Chaos Burn too. It may seem boring for an ultimate, but the Chaos fireball spells are great for dealing out damage and having another source of it doesn’t hurt.


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