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V Rising

EMP Locations

Ben Chard

So, you’re pushing into the final stages of V Rising and you’re looking to take the fight to "Adam the Firstborn" iconAdam the Firstborn, the penultimate boss of the game? You approach "Doctor Blackbrew's Castle" iconDoctor Blackbrew’s Castle in Gloomrot North and notice that there is an electrical barrier preventing entry. Well, if you want to challenge Adam, you’ll need to get your hands on some EMPs to disable the barrier and get access to the boss arena. Keep reading to learn where you can acquire the recipe and craft these consumables.

EMPs are needed to fight Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

Unlocking the EMP Recipe

First things first, before you do anything, you’ll need to track down the recipe for EMPs as crafting them is the best source of them. Fortunately, if you’ve been following the list of V Blood Carriers, you’ll have just defeated Voltatia the Power Master and your reward for that will be the recipes for EMPs and "Power Core" iconPower Cores, another resource needed to build the EMP.

With the recipe in hand, you’ll need to build a Fabricator in your castle, you should have this in there already as the recipe came from "Ziva the Engineer" iconZiva the Engineer, a Level 60 Act III boss. Be sure to spend plenty of time in the surrounding areas as you’ll need plenty of "Tech Scrap" iconTech Scrap that drops from the enemies and crates around Gloomrot.

You can unlock the EMP and Power Charge recipes by defeating Voltatia the Power Master.

Crafting Power Charges

As you’ll see from the Recipe in the Fabricator, you’re going to need nine "Iron Ingot" iconIron Ingots and three Power Charges, this will allow you to craft five EMPs, more than enough for a few attempts at Adam. Iron Ingots shouldn’t pose a problem at this stage of the game, just head out and farm some "Iron Ore" iconIron Ore and then smelt them into Ingots.

The Power Charges, however, will require a bit more work to get hold of them. You can make these at the same Fabricator, but you’ll need to source six "Radium Alloy" iconRadium Alloys and three Charged Batteries. Heading to the "Trancendum Power Plant" iconTrancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North is a good idea, as you can find both Radium Alloy and Depleted Batteries in that area. Once you’ve got your hands on some Depleted Batteries, you’ll need to track down a "Lightning Harvester" iconLightning Harvester which can be easily found at the Stormdrain Hills area, found to the southwest of the Gloomrot North region, and deposit the Depleted Batteries to have them charge. You’ll have to do this in batches of 10 and once you’ve done it once, the process becomes second nature.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to craft Power Charges first to make EMPs

You’ll need to craft Power Charges first to make EMPs (left), farm Depleted Batteries and charge them in Gloomrot North. (right)

Take both the Charged Batteries and Radium Alloy back to your Fabricate to create Power Cores, each craft will produce two of them and you’ll need three for a craft of the EMPs (which will grant you five in return). As such, farm enough Radium Alloy and Charged Batteries so you can perform two crafts, this will get you enough to fight Adam the Firstborn.

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