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V Rising

Where to Find the Best Horses in V Rising

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about Horse mounts in V Rising. We’ll cover where to find the best horses, how to inspect their stats, how to care for your horse, and how to use them properly, including in combat.

How to Find the Best Horses in V Rising

How to Get a Horse Early

As you begin exploring Farbane Woods in V Rising, you won’t necessarily need a horse at this early stage, but it’ll certainly speed things up. The only problem is that there are no horses to be found in this region, so you’ll need to travel to either the Dunley Farmlands or Silverlight Hills instead, the two main regions where horses can be found fairly easily. If you choose to do this early on, we’d recommend avoiding the Silverlight Hills, since these can be significantly more hostile than the Dunley Farmlands. You’ll find plenty of horses stationed in the first Militia Encampments that you come across in southwestern or southeastern Dunley Farmlands, so you can head there, take a horse, and ride away with it back to your base in Farbane Woods.

Finding the Best Horse Stats

In terms of how you find the best horses in V Rising, unfortunately there’s no way of finding specific horses which will be in the same locations for all players. Instead, horse stats and colours are randomised for each horse. You can discover the main stats of a horse by mounting it and then opening your Character inventory tab. There are three main stats that horses in V Rising currently have, shown in the below table.

Horse Stat Effect
Max Speed Determines the maximum speed that you can gallop at with a horse
Acceleration Determines how quickly you reach maximum speed when you begin to gallop
Rotation Speed Determines the responsiveness of horse maneuverability when turning

Although these may seem like fairly basic stats for a mount, even small changes to their number can result in noticeable changes in performance. In general, most horses that you find will have a Max Speed somewhere between 8-10, Acceleration between 3-4, and Rotation Speed between 9-13. However, the stats can be slightly higher or lower depending on the horse that you find, and you shouldn’t be put off if you find a horse which only has an increase by one point above another. That one point can result in substantially faster gallop speed, allowing you to quickly travel through the landscape, or considerably better Acceleration, which can make all the difference between escaping an incoming attack or succumbing to it, which will instantly knock you off your horse.

Ultimately, the best way to find an excellent horse is to scout all the areas where you can possibly find them, and mount the horses to check their stats. However, keep in mind that most areas where horses are present are heavily guarded, so you don’t want to just saunter on into a town or encampment filled with guards, only to be knocked off the horse and potentially killed before you can leave with it. Instead, try to clear all the enemies in an area before you mount a horse and ride it away. There’s no harm in acquiring all the extra loot by doing this, since there are no inventory restrictions while riding a horse. Alternatively, if you kill Beatrice the Tailor you’ll have access to Human Form, which you can use to enter any human settlement within Dunley Farmlands without being detected as a vampire, allowing you to locate horses in peace. You will still need to re-enter your regular vampire form to mount the horse once you’ve found one, however.

To see all the locations of horses throughout the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills, be sure to check our V Rising map of Vardoran here.

(1 of 4) You can find horses early in the game throughout the Dunley Farmlands, such as in villages, militia encampments, and at the horse track.

How to Care For Your Horse

Keeping Your Horse Safe

Once you’ve decided that you want to keep a horse, either because you like the colour or it has good stats, you can bring it back to your castle grounds and it will stay there indefinitely. The first time you mount a horse, it becomes “tame”. This means that you won’t be able to harm it in any way, nor will your fellow clan members. However, other players and PvE enemies can still harm your horses, so you’ll want to keep them in a safe space. If you’re not going to keep them within the castle walls, you can at lest create a closed-off, fortified space for them somewhere within your borders. Not only can other players still harm your horse, but they can also steal it by mounting it just as easily as you did when you first found it, so try not to leave your horse exposed if you’re playing on a PvP server.

Keeping Your Horse Alive

Aside from keeping your horse safe, the main mechanic in terms of caring for them involved providing them with enough water to survive. You can do this by placing Water-filled Canteens in the horse inventory. You can place up to 3 stacks of 5 Water-filled Canteens in the horse inventory, providing 109 hours, 5 minutes, and 19 seconds of life, which essentially equates to making sure that it doesn’t die of thirst. If this time runs out before you fill the horse inventory with more Water-filled Canteens, the horse will die. This should never be a problem so long as you remember to keep providing the horse with more canteens, which are commonly found throughout settlements as drops from stashes, chests, and enemies. You can also craft them as Empty Canteens from the Alchemy Table (using 3 Leather and 15 Plant Fibre), but you will then need to find a water source such as a river, pond, lake, or even a Water Well to fill it. The recipe for a Water Well can be found in the Water Supply tab of the Exterior build menu.

How to Rename Your Horse

Any horse that you encounter will be named as “Horse”, but you can easily rename them by double-clicking on the Change Name icon in the top right of the horse inventory. There’s also randomize name function with some creative names which you can have a bit of fun cycling through!

(1 of 4) You can keep your horses safe within the castle walls, or in a fortified space outside.

How to Use Your Horse

The most common use for any horse in V Rising is going to be for swift travel along the major roads. Whether you’re heading out to find resources in areas far away from your castle, or if you’re hunting for a specific type of enemy, boss, potential servant or prisoner, the horse will always get you there faster than almost every other method of travel (aside from fast travelling), especially in the early game. The best thing about a horse is that you can move much more quickly throughout Vardoran, without having to worry about the amount of resources that you’re carrying as a restriction, as you do with Vampire Waygates. The movement of travelling on horseback can be tricky to master at first, but you’ll soon get used to them with a bit of practice. We wouldn’t recommend galloping through dense forest on a horse, though!

Movement on a Horse

When you first mount a horse in V Rising, you’ll notice that the movement mechanics are slightly different to those when you’re running around on foot. On a horse, W-Key will always move you forward and S-Key will always move you backwards. The A-Key and D-Key keys, used for turning left or right on foot, are exclusively used for rotation on your horse. This can make it difficult to view your surroundings if you don’t control the camera properly with your mouse buttons as you ride. In general, it’s a good idea to hold the right mouse button MouseRightButton as you rotate while riding and turning on a horse, as this will allow you to always maintain a view in front of you, while also being able to check behind you briefly if necessary. The standard speed of a horse isn’t much better than when you’re on foot, but once you begin to gallop by pressing the space key Space, you’ll soon pick up speed. Finally, when you’re ready to dismount, you can use the Q-Key key to do so, before selecting a small area around the horse to jump to.

Combat on a Horse

The combat mechanics while mounted on a horse in V Rising are rather basic. You will have one attack option, which is the same button as your Primary Attack, so the left mouse button MouseLeftButton by default. Although simple, this attack will inflict massive damage on most enemies if you manage to hit them while riding by, so it’s worth using in some situations. The main drawback of this attack is that if you get caught by a line of enemies, or even if you’re hit just once, you’ll be immediately dismounted and stunned for a brief moment, leaving you vulnerable to attack. This can turn ugly incredibly quickly, especially if you’re surrounding by multiple enemies, or if there’s a big boss who hits hard on your tale. As a result, you should probably reserve horse combat for when you’re passing through roads, rather than as a main form of combat.


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