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V Rising

V Rising Unholy Ability List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavor are the plethora of spells that you can learn, all with their own playstyles. This page will give you an overview of all of the Unholy Abilities in V Rising.

Volatile Arachnid is one of the Ultimate Abilities for Unholy in V Rising.

Unholy Ability Effects

The Unholy category of spells in V Rising are mostly themed around adding some form of debuff to your foes alongside the damage output. This makes them useful in group play, having a friend running some of these abilities can be incredibly useful for allowing other players to pump out the damage. Unholy also features one of the better skills in the game, but it comes as the last one you’ll earn, making its uses limited.

Unholy Travel Ability

Icon Name Description Location
VeilofBonesSkillsVRising.png Veil of Bones Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next attack launches a projectile that deals 25% magic damage, bouncing up to 4 targets and inflicts Amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for 5s Defeat Goreswine the Ravager (27)

Veil of Bones

As far as Travel Abilities go, Veil of Bones is a bit on the weaker side, despite launching projectiles from your next melee attack. You can get some use of this in group play, the Amplify debuff is a strong one, allowing your other team members to pile on more damage. However, there are far better skills that should take up your Travel Ability in V Rising.

Unholy Basic Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
CorpseExplosionSkillsVRising.png Corpse Explosion Raise a bone pile from below that explodes at the target dealing 125% magic damage and applies a fading snare that lasts for 1s Defeat Goreswine the Ravager (27)
PestilenceSkillsVRising.png Pestilence Launch a wave of 3 unholy projectiles that each deal 40% magic damage, knocks target back and inflict Amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for 5s Defeat Nicholaus the Fallen (37)
PurgatorySkillsVRising.png Purgatory Call down a pillar of energy that slows enemies in an area for 1s and heals allies for 40% of your spell power. After 1.2s the pillar erupts in a powerful blast of energy dealing 75% magic damage to enemies and healing allies for 75% of your spell power Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess (44)
UnstableMosquitoSkillsVRising.png Unstable Mosquito Summon a mosquito that chases an enemy and explodes after 1s. Deals 60% magic damage in an area and inflict Amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for 5s Defeat Matka the Curse Weaver (72)
WardoftheDamnedSkillsVRising.png Ward of the Damned Increase movement speed by 10% and block melee and projectile attacks in front of you for 2s. Each absorbed attack summons a skeleton. Enemy melee attacks are knocked back. Defeat Nicholaus the Fallen (37)

Corpse Explosion

This is an ability that can scale well as you get a higher Gear Score, but on the whole, can be underwhelming when compared to the other skills competing for one of your Basic Ability slots. When used, you’ll summon a pile of bones beneath your target and blast them, this damage can stack up well however and you can combine it with Chaos Volley for some nice damage.


As mentioned above with the Veil of Bones ability, Pestilence is another that will inflict the very useful Amplify ability. This is much easier to use than Veil of Bones and it becomes even more useful once you’re playing with a group so that they can make the most of the Amplify debuff you’re inflicting on said enemies. As an added bonus, any enemies you strike with the spell will also find themself knocked back, making this an ideal spell in situations where you may find enemies rushing you.


Purgatory is one of the better healing spells in the game, especially as you start to really improve your spell power. When used, you’ll heal yourself and allies in a circle around you for 40% of your spell power and, should they remain in it, another heal will go off 1.2s later that heals for a further 75% of your spell power. The fact that this does damage to any enemies caught in it is the cherry on top.

Unstable Mosquito

This ability is harmed a bit by how late in the game it comes (72) but nevertheless, there are some decent uses for it. Once again, it’s another Unholy ability that will inflict Amplify on your foes, increase damage from all sources by 25%. Unstable Mosquito is useful because it guarantees you won’t waste the spell. It will summon a mosquito that will chase a target before exploding, hitting all around it for damage and Amplify them.

Ward of the Damned

This shield is situational, but in the times that it’s useful, it’s invaluable. You’ll need to time the cast, but it will block projectiles and melee attacks in front of you and summon a Skeleton. The Skeleton itself doesn’t do much damage, but what it does do is taunt the enemies near you, allowing you to back off, reposition and heal up if needed. A lot of the late game bosses will summon lots of adds during the battle and being able to have Skeletons take the pressure off you can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Unholy Ultimate Abilities

Icon Name Description Location
VolatileArachnidSkillsVRising.png Volatile Arachnid Summon spiderlings that chase down your enemy and explode when nearby dealing 100% magic damage. Spawns a toxic fume that deals 20% magic damage every 0.8s while slowing enemies by -25%. Can be recast up to 3 times. Defeat Raziel the Shepherd (60)
SummonFallenAngelSkillsVRising.png Summon Fallen Angel Summons a fallen angel to fight for you for 15s. Attacks made by the fallen angel inflict amplify that increases damage taken by 25% for 5s Defeat Solarus the Immaculate (80)

Volatile Arachnid

As far as Ultimates go, Volatile Arachnid is disappointing. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was a Basic Ability, but for the long recast that Ultimates have, there’s far better options. When used, you’ll summon spiderlings that will chase your enemy before exploding. Along with the damage it deals, it will also spawn toxic fumes that will deal damage over time and slow your enemy. You’ll also get 3 casts of this spell per ultimate.

Summon Fallen Angel

This is arguably one of the better Ultimates in the game, there’s just a huge caveat with it. You won’t actually obtain this ability until you defeat the toughest boss currently in the game, Solarus the Immaculate (80). As such, your uses in PvE are rather limited, although it is still useful in PvP as a fearsome target for other players to deal with. The Fallen Angel will last for 15 seconds and any attacks it makes will inflict Amplify on their targets, further increasing damage from you and any other players in your group.


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