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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Ancient Ruins Tour

Vincent Lau

As its name suggests, this tour takes you around the various ruins of Hyrule (well just two); warp to the Eastern Palace to begin. From the weather vane, descend the stairs and drop down to the left; watch out for the Armos and Tektikes along the way. Across the gap to your left is a distant chest; next to the chest is a wooden stump. Aim your hookshot at the stump and fire it to get across the gap. Inside the chest is a decent 20 rupees . From the chest, go right and head down; stop once you reach a statue shaped like a bird face.

Merge onto the wall to the left and walk left into the alcove to find Maimai #20 stuck on the wall. Return to the bird statue and, this time, go down from its left. Before long, you’ll find a set of wooden stumps; hammer them down to collect the stash of 100 rupees beyond. From the stumps, return to the bird statue again, then descend the stairs and head right (or just leap down from the statue’s right). At the bottom, you will find a second bird statue. From here, merge onto the nearby wall and walk right, across the gap, before emerging.

$$$item 3833

On the other side, head up the stairs and go left, past the Armos, to find a cracked wall. Bomb the cracks to reveal a cave; inside, head left, minding the snake. Where there’s a chasm, merge onto the wall above you and walk left. Emerge on the other side for an elusive Piece of Heart . After claiming your prize, drop down below and exit the cave south. Outside, follow the grassy path left, past the Octoroks. On the floor is a large tile pattern; to the left of this pattern is a lone tree with Maimai #19 perched on top–knock it down with a Pegasus Boots dash.

Next, make your way to the bottom-right corner of the area and take the south exit. You will be atop a hill surrounded by cliffs. Go down the hill, to where the grass is, and turn right to find a cracked wall and a Piece of Heart surrounded by wooden stumps. Hammer the stumps to grab your prize, then use your Bombs to blow up the wall.

$$$item 3832

Inside the cave, where the cracked wall was, is a pool of fairies. Return to the entrance to the dungeon; from here, drop down left three times and then go up to find yet another cracked wall.

After blasting the wall, go through the new cave to find a cavern lined with rupees. Watch out, as the red rupee is actually a Rupee Like monster (look for the rupee with a shadow)! On the other side of the cavern is the Witch’s Hut. From the hut, follow the path left until you reach the wooden bridge bridging the river.

From here; ignore the bridge and continue down to the next screen. The next area is a sandy wasteland dotted with rock pillars; it’s likely you came here before to reach the Witch’s Hut earlier.

Make your way to the right side of the wasteland, where Maimai #23 sits atop a rock pillar. Stand behind the rock pillar and dash into it with the Pegasus Boots to knock the little critter flying. After regaining your senses, exit the wastelands to the south. Here, there’s a big bridge and a path lined with statue pillars leading right–follow the path right. Finally, you’ll be in the screen just before the Eastern Palace area, where two Crows sit atop a line of trees. Go right, keeping an eye out for ambushing Blobs, and ram into the right-most tree to find Maimai #21 .

Next, it’s time to survey the other heritage site. Warp to Link’s House and take the south exit to find a large grassy area, with statue pillars here and there. First head right, past the big rock, to find a cracked wall; bomb it for a cave containing fairies. This cave is nice for restocking fairies, as it’s not far from Link’s House after warping. Outside, navigate to the centre of the nearby statue pillars, minding the Sand Crabs. Sitting atop the middle pillar, around a ring of shallow water, is Maimai #37 ; dash into the pillar with the Pegasus Boots to knock it flying.

Return to the entrance and walk left until you see two small rocks in front of the wall. Plant a Bomb between the rocks to reveal a secret cave; inside, a cowardly man lives in hiding. Listen to the man’s sob story and he will ask Link for a Scoot Fruit–you can buy one from the Item Seller at Kakariko Village or Lake Hylia for 50 rupees . Hand over the Scoot Fruit to earn yourself 100 rupees (so a profit of 50 rupees). Then leave the cave and the man to his sad, pitiful life.

$$$item 3877

From here, head for the bottom-left corner, where there’s a ancient ruin blocked off by two big rocks. Dive into the deep water on the right side of the ruin to rescue submerged Maimai #38 . Finally, make your way to the bottom-right corner of the area, down the hill. Look for the two statues in front of the wall; place a bomb between them to reveal a secret cave. Inside is a cavern teeming with Ropes and Keese; cautiously go forward until you reach a junction.

First, head up to find a subterranean pool; dive in to find rupees and Maimai #39 . Next, turn left at the junction to find the exit. Outside is a brilliant Piece of Heart .

$$$item 3834

With that, our fabulous treasure-hunting tour of Hyrule is concluded. Once you’re ready and have the Master Sword in possession, make your way to Hyrule Castle. Despite his protests, we can afford to keep Sahasrahla waiting for a bit, but don’t leave him hanging forever!

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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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