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Kakariko Village

Vincent Lau

Kakariko Village is a tranquil village to the west of Hyrule, where most of its citizens reside. Link is here to pass a message to Saharashla from Princess Zelda. The village itself is big and there are many things to do, so take your time exploring it.

Near the north of the village is a weather vane, which you can use to save the game. Even if you don’t want to save yet, check the weather vane to activate it so you can warp to it later.

Left of the weather vane is a Street Merchant, who is selling a Bottle and Hearts. When you have 100 rupees, buy the Bottle from him. With the Bottle, you can store many useful items, such as health-restoring potions or fairies.

Left of the Street Merchant is the Item Seller. Go inside and you can buy a Scoot Fruit, Foul Fruit or Shield. When you get 50 rupees (there’s a chest in Hyrule Castle with this many rupees inside), we recommend that you purchase the Shield .

After buying a Shield, you can raise the Shield with the R button to deflect enemy attacks and reduce the likelihood of taking damage.

Pricey, but worth it.

At the top-left corner of the village you’ll find a well with a couple of rocks up above preventing you from haplessly falling in. If you go right and up the hill, you can find a Cucco (chicken) running around nearby.

Pick up the Cucco, then walk off the ledge to the right of the well and immediately perform a sharp turn left towards the well. You can throw the Cucco away as you get near, placing you inside the well and allowing you to snag a Piece of Heart early!

South of the Item Seller is Gramps who runs the StreetPass plaza. Talk to him and you can register StreetPass data for this game.

When you tag a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS owner who owns this game (and has registered StreetPass data), their Shadow Link will appear somewhere in your game world and a signpost will appear in the plaza, telling you where to find them. You can then seek out their Shadow Link and battle them to earn rupees.

Just south-east of the weathervane is a house with a bee sign; inside is Bee Guy. The first time you speak to Bee Guy with a Bottle in possession, he will give Link a Net to catch bees (and other things).

If you catch a bee with the Net and keep it in a Bottle, come back to see Bee Guy and he will give you 50 rupees for it. Should you catch a super-rare Golden Bee (which looks like a bee but glows), Bee Guy will give Link the Bee Badge , which makes all bees friendly.

You can get this Piece of Heart later with the Power Glove.

To the right of the Bee Guy’s house is Fortune’s Choice, where you can gamble for rupees. Pay the host 50 rupees and you can open one of two chests–one will contain 100 rupees and the other will contain 1 rupee.

Unless you’re really desperate, there’s no reason to play this game ever; the gamble isn’t worth it and you get showered in rupees anyway.

South of the Bee Guy’s house is the Milk Bar, run by a man who looks exactly like Talon–the owner of Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time. If you have a Bottle, you can purchase Milk for 20 rupees; a drink of fresh Milk restores 5 hearts.

At this stage, buying Milk is a decent investment, but fairies restore the same amount of health for free, plus they auto-revive Link.

Head one screen south of Kakariko Village to find the Cucco Ranch. Go around and speak to the Cucco Girl and you can play a fun little mini-game; avoid getting touched by a Cucco (basically, a chicken) for 30 seconds to earn a prize.

  • Egg level: pay 20 rupees and can win 40 rupees.
  • Chick level: pay 30 rupees and can win 60 rupees.
  • Rooster level: pay 50 rupees and can win 150 rupees plus a Piece of Heart.

If you're finding the Cucco game hard, try tapping START to pause and un-pause the game.

When the game begins, Link will be stuck inside a rectangular Cucco pen and numerous Cuccos will come flying in from all across the screen. Many Zelda games have featured Cuccos flying in to assault Link after he pushes one too far–this mini-game is a bit like trying to evade those killer Cuccos.

Once you’ve seen all the sights, enter the big house at the end of Kakariko Village, up the stairs; this is where Sahasrahla resides. Sahasrahla will be waiting in the right-hand room; go in and Link will tell Sahasrahla about recent events.

After consideration, Sahasrahla asks Link to head to the Eastern Palace (it will be marked on the map) to warn his pupil, Osfala. Go back outside and head toward the bottom-right corner of the village. Then take the exit to the right, which leads you to the Blacksmith’s.


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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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