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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Lake Hylia Tour

Vincent Lau

While you’re at Lake Hylia, you may as well collect some items in the area. From the House of Gales, go right and plunge into the lake. Swim all the way up until you reach the stairs in the corner, leading back to land. From there, remain in the water and follow the river up: go one screen up and one screen left. You should see a bridge ahead. Before the bridge, dive to rescue submerged Maimai #22.

$$$item 3861

Next, swim into the bridge to find a secret area under the bridge. Head up the stairs and speak to the Bird Lover for a Bottle . Return to the top-right corner of Lake Hylia, where the stairs back to land are. From there, swim directly south, past the House of Gales, and when at the bottom-right corner, swim right to the next screen. You will be swimming in a river with cliffs on all sides.

$$$item 3837

$$$item 3843

Where the river splits ahead, dive to rescue submerged Maimai #4 . Next; follow the river up to the next screen. Continue following the river to find shallow water at the end and a Letter in a Bottle . Warp to Kakariko Village and make a beeline for the Milk Bar, near the south. Speak to the owner to get Premium Milk in your Bottle.

If you want, you can deliver the Premium Milk now. To do so, you need to climb Death Mountain and reach the Tower of Hera, then head to the area east of it. If you already beat the Tower of Hera, you can just warp to the Tower of Hera and start from there. However, if you chose to do the House of Gales first, you may want to finish the dungeon first, before heading for the Tower of Hera. Either way, the next page will detail the Tower of Hera east side.

Next, go to the bottom-left corner of Lake Hylia. You can reach here by swimming across the lake, coming from the area south of Link’s House, or by merging along the wall from the left hand side of the lake. In the corner, you will find a cave. Inside, light the two torches in the far corner of the cave to reveal a chest containing 50 rupees, plus some snakes.

From the bottom-right corner of Lake Hylia, follow the river east: go one screen right and one screen up. If going by land, watch out for the Rupee Like down south and Crows and Sand Crabs along the edges.

At the very end you’ll find a cave. Go inside to find a wall of fire blocking your path; use the Tornado Rod to clear out the flames and get past. In the next room, you’ll find fairies. Back outside, head left from the cave and slash at the wall until you here a “clink” sound–this means you can bomb the wall to reveal a hidden entrance. Inside is a chest containing a Golden Rupee, worth an amazing 300 rupees.

In the same screen as above, head up the hill to the right to find Racing Bro. Pay him 20 rupees and you can play Hyrule Hotfoot, where you must run all the way to Rosso’s house from where you are now within 75 seconds. For a chance of winning, make sure you have the Pegasus Boots . Your best bet is to take the following route in terms of screens: one down, two left, one up (now at Link’s House), one left, one up, one left (now at the Blacksmith’s) and four up.

$$$item 3830

Talk to Racing Bro near the end of the last screen to complete the race. After winning the race, you can play again, but you now have 65 seconds on the clock. To finish within this time will likely require a lot of practice. Make sure you’re good at stopping dashing, so you don’t overshoot. Also, make good use of the walls to control your movement, especially when making diagonal dashes. Should you beat the race within 65 seconds you will receive a Piece of Heart .

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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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