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The Power Glove

Vincent Lau

The journey to the Tower of Hera begins here. Wherever you are, use the bell and warp to the Sanctuary , which you visited earlier on in the game. Outside the Sanctuary building, follow the cliff wall to the left to find Maimai #30 stuck to the wall further down. Next, go left to reach the small lake; from here, follow the path north. At the end is a slightly damaged house–go inside. Link will meet a tough and manly fellow called Rosso.

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Talk to Rosso and he’ll give Link the Power Glove. With this fancy garment, you can press A next to small rocks to lift them and A again to throw them. If you want, go outside and try out your new toy. Pick up the rocks surrounding Rosso’s house and gleefully chuck them away. Should you dispose of all the rocks, Rosso will come out, rather impressed. Follow Rosso back inside his house for a present: 50 rupees .

Behind Rosso’s house, there’s a cave blocked by a single wooden stump; hammer the stump and go inside the cave for a chest containing 20 rupees. Outside again, follow the cliff wall to the right to find Maimai #42 stuck on the wall further down.

With the Power Glove, you can now begin heading for the Tower of Hera. Before that; why not pick up some previously-inaccessible items that may have been bugging you?

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$$$item 3827

Hyrule Castle

From the top of the bridge, follow the castle wall right and then up to find a Piece of Heart surrounded by small rocks. Thanks to the Power Glove, the small rocks are no longer an obstruction. While you go to grab your prize, watch your back so you don’t get ambushed by knights emerging from the castle walls.

Kakariko Village

At the top-left corner of the village are two small rocks. Pick up the rocks and chuck them away; then drop down the ledge, into the well. After you land, be ready to take out Ropes on all sides. When it’s safe, climb up the nearby stairs to find a Piece of Heart waiting at the end. (You can also get this Piece of Heart earlier by gliding with a Cucco.)

$$$item 3822

Once you’re ready to continue your journey, return to the area with Rosso’s house and go one screen down. In the top-right corner is a cave surrounded by small rocks. Use your newly-acquired Power Glove to clear the rocks out of the way and enter the cave. Inside is a narrow, winding cavern featuring many worm-like Mini-Moldorms; proceed with caution. Eventually, after going around and around, you’ll reach the exit.


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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

Inside Version 1.0:

  • The secrets to beating every dungeon (and boss) with incredible ease.
  • Locate all of the hidden items (such as the Pegasus Boots).
  • Find all 24 Heart Pieces (including that annoying Octoball one).
  • Rescue all 100 MaiMai’s and your rewards for doing so.
  • Fully upgrade your sword with all four hidden Master Ore pieces.
  • Topple the Treacherous Tower with ease and earn those secret weapons!
  • How to use StreetPass to fight mysterious ShadowLinks!
  • Unlock the game’s deepest secrets and Easter Eggs.
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