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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Death Mountain

Vincent Lau

On the other side, you’ll be up on Death Mountain. Begin by heading right, then navigate around the rows of rocks and go across the bridge. Run like crazy, because boulders will soon rain down from above. Avoid the small rock-like Deadrocks or slash them to freeze them and then avoid them. If you want, lift up the small rocks, blocking your path, to save time.

The first cave you come across will harbour a chest containing a measly 5 rupees. To the right and up the stairs is a weather vane, plus another cave. Before entering the cave, merge onto the wall to the right and walk right, for yet another cave. Inside there’s a pool with fairies; past a rupee boulder that you can hammer is a chest containing one Monster Guts . Outside, drop down to the left and head down. You’ll be in a fairly wide area with a small rock in its centre–lift up the rock to uncover Maimai #25.

$$$item 3864

Return to the weather vane and go through the cave just ahead. Here, you’ll find a very “fun” cave, featuring many rolling boulders, Indiana Jones style! There are many ways to tackle the cave, but we’ll just discuss the simplest one. To begin with, ascend the stairs ahead and wait for a gap in the rolling boulders, then run for the top-right stairs. Next, run for the top-left stairs when it’s safe; you should be given a long enough pause to reach, but you can merge into the wall to avoid the boulders if necessary.

From here, go up and merge into the wall and walk right, across the small gaps. Emerge again when the coast is clear and make a run for the nearby set of stairs. The final stretch is a game of patience. When it’s safe, go up and merge into the wall, then walk left, across the gap, and emerge when it’s safe. If a boulder suddenly comes, just merge back into the wall and wait for it to pass, before emerging again.

If your gauge is running out, head right and return to the stairs, then let the gauge fully recover. Continue heading left, merging into the walls, whenever a boulder (or two or three) comes and hammering the stumps to access the alcoves. Inside the middle alcove, there’s a chest containing one Monster Guts . Eventually you’ll come across a wooden bridge. Wait on the bridge for a while, away from the boulders, and let more boulders roll. Then, once it’s clear, make a mad dash to the left to another wooden bridge; go down to exit the cave.

$$$item 3865

Outside you’ll be on a high ledge with a nearby chest containing 20 rupees. To the right, you’ll also find Maimai #26 stuck on the wall; merge onto the wall next to the Maimai, then emerge behind it to get it off. Once you’re finished, look down from the ledge–if it’s safe, leap down from the ledge and head left, then up into the next cave. Whatever you do, don’t accidentally jump down the cliff or you’ll be back where you started!

In the next cave, the boulder fun continues. Head all the way right, moving the small rocks out of the way, and go up the right-most stairs. Next, go up the right-most stairs and wait for the boulders to roll. When it’s safe, go up and a few paces left. If no boulders are coming, climb up the stairs to your left, then dash to the right, while avoiding the boulders from above. Beware that the first boulder from above can roll to the right, as well as the left–if one comes, merge into the wall to avoid it. Finally, cross the bridge and exit the cave.

Outside, there’s nothing around except another cave a few paces away–go inside. This will take you to the final half of the previous cave and the hardest boulder dash by far. Cross the bridge and go up the stairs, then.head right and wait before the first set of stairs. When it’s safe, climb up the stairs and go all the way left, throwing the small rocks out of the way. Be careful that the boulders falling down from the left can roll in both directions.

$$$item 3828

From here, climb up the left-most stairs and wait a few paces to the right. When it’s safe, go right and climb up the nearest stairs, then run all the way left. You may need to merge into the wall (possibly even multiple times) to avoid oncoming boulders. Finally, when no boulders come, climb up the stairs and go left to reach the exit. Beware that you can’t merge into the north-most wall. If you want, before leaving the cave, head all the way right to find a chest containing Monster Guts .

Outside the cave, you’ll be at the summit. Merge into the wall above and move right. Emerge when you’re between the gap to fall next to the cave directly below, then go inside. Continue forward to find a Piece of Heart , plus another cave. Head into the cave to find some fairies. When done, drop down from the fairies and exit the cave. Outside, follow the path right. You will find a weather vane, plus an area blocked by wooden stumps, with two pillars on either side. Pound the stumps with the Hammer to access the Tower of Hera.

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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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