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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Hyrule Field Tour

Vincent Lau

Before heading for Hyrule Castle, it might be a good time to do a “final” tour of Hyrule and collect all the currently-accessible items. This won’t actually be the last time you see Hyrule, but it gives you something to do between your last dungeon and Hyrule Castle. Perhaps you’re a maniac treasure hunter and you’ve skipped to this page as soon as Ravio’s Shop opened. Either way, with Link’s current arsenal of items, you can reach most of Hyrule’s treasures.

Our first tour of Hyrule begins with Link’s House and ends at Hyrule Castle, with a quick detour to Kakariko Village. We’ve looted almost everything of value here in the “Merging around Hyrule” page earlier on; this time, it’s all about the Maimais. To begin with, warp to Link’s House, where it all began. Chances are you’ll have come here many times already, so you may have noticed the Maimai here; if not, go round to the back of your humble abode. Stuck on the back wall is Maimai #6 ; as usual, merge into the wall next to the Maimai, then emerge behind the Maimai to force it off.

$$$item 3845

From Link’s House, go one screen right, where there’s a line of trees. Head down from the cliff and, with the Pegasus Boots, ram into the lone tree left of the cliff to dislodge Maimai #11 from its branches.

Next, follow the road left and stop before the entrance to South Woods–the forest clearing between Kakariko Village and Link’s House. Enter the South Woods and exercise caution within, as a number of enemy knights patrol the area. Head for the top of the woods to find Maimai #12 gleefully sitting atop a tree–knock it down to earth with the Pegasus Boots.

$$$item 3851

Exit South Woods and continue following the road left until you reach Cucco Ranch, south of Kakariko Village. Here, slam into the lone tree to the right of the ranch to dislodge Maimai #17 .

Once you’ve checked no Cuccos were hurt in the process, take the left exit, where Rupee Rush is located. In this mini-game, you have 30 seconds to grab as many rupees as you can. The catch: there’s no timer and if you don’t speak to the owner within 30 seconds, you earn nothing.

Pay the plucky owner 50 Rupees to play the game. Once the mini-game begins, rush to the left to rescue Maimai #18 glued to the wall. Next, you may want to play the game for proper. Our tips: use the Hammer to break the rupee boulder and the Tornado Rod to blow away the floor tiles. Have less than 3 seconds on the clock to double your rupees; finish with less than one second to triple your rupees! Get a score of 100 or above for a Piece of Heart . To make things easier, find a timer that you can use.

$$$item 3831

Return to Cucco Ranch and take the north exit, which leads to Kakariko Village. Inside the village, casually stroll towards the top-right corner. Just before the final house, there are some bushes to the right enclosed by small fences–cut down the bushes to reveal Maimai #14 .

$$$item 3835

Use the D-pad to look down and right at the same time–you should see a rooftop in the corner of the screen. When you’re ready, leap off the cliff–Cucco in hand–and glide towards that rooftop. After landing, throw away the Cucco and lift the nearby small rock; underneath the rock is Maimai #15 . After you’ve admired the view of the village from above, drop down from the rooftop and take the north exit in the top-right corner to leave the village.

Outside, you’ll be near the Fortune-Teller’s tent. Walk up close to the tent and you’ll find Maimai #40 clinging onto the side of the tent. Next, head right from the tent to reach the small lake; leap into the lake and dive to rescue submerged Maimai #41 . After drying yourself, take the south exit. You will be walking along a tree-lined road, which you used to reach the Sanctuary near the beginning of the game. Follow the road down, then stop as it begins to bend. Look to your left to find a small rock; ram into the lone tree just above the rock to free Maimai #9 .

When you’re ready, continue following the road down to reach the Blacksmith’s area. Go up to the Blacksmith’s house and head for the left side, where there are a bunch of floor tiles. Take out your Tornado Rod and whip out a storm, sending the floor tiles flying and revealing Maimai #10 hidden underneath. After checking that the flying tiles haven’t caused any damage, follow the road down and to the next screen. Here, you’ll be right outside Hyrule Castle, below the castle moat.

Immediately ahead of you are a few floor tiles; use the Tornado Rod here to uncover Maimai #8 . Finally, head for the top-left corner of the screen–you can reach here by going ahead, across the moat bridge, or by going back the way you came and taking the right exit after passing the Blacksmith’s. Either way, in the corner, there’s a lone tree with a distinctive chirping sound coming from it. Give the tree a good ol’ dash with the Pegasus Boots to knock out Maimai #7 .

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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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