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Secrets and Unlockables

Vincent Lau

Psst… you’re looking at Hyrule’s top-secret files. Inside are classified reports given to us by a green-tuniced man going by the name of “Link”, exposing the biggest secrets of Hyrule and its purported alternate world.

We have looked into his information and verified they are accurate. If you urgently seek the truth, continue reading; otherwise, return here after you’ve completed the game to confirm whether you’ve discovered these yourselves.

The Giant Cucco

“I fear I have gone Cucco crazy, because I believe I’ve seen a Giant Cucco standing outside of Cucco Ranch. When I speak to it, I receive a small heart, restoring my health by one. Hardly a proper reward for my sweat and tears, but at least I have finally reached perfection.

I remember speaking to the Cucco Girl in the Cucco Ranch south of Kakariko Village and playing her sadistic mini-game, where I must avoid Cuccos from all directions. After conquering her mini-game, she had the audacity to present to me the Endless level, where the Cucco fun never ends.

However this is but a lie, as after 999.99 seconds of relentless dodging, when my own vision began to blur and I doubted my very existence, the Cucco Girl stopped the game and presented me with the Giant Cucco. Said I was the Cuccomaster too. Ha, what a title.

PS: I may have slowed down time by repeatedly pressing START to pause and unpause time.“

Mother Maimai Departs

“I heard whispers that there was more to Mother Maimai, even after returning all 100 of her lost children, redeeming all of her item upgrades and getting the Great Spin attack from her. What I heard sounded most unconvincing, but I followed through and was surprised of its accuracy.

After receiving the Great Spin, return to my house, where that pretentious Ravio is lying on the floor, proud of the fact he’s made a stinking fortune out of me, when I’m supposed to be the landlord. I always go near his fat bag, in the corner of the room to unnerve him.

Ahem, more to the point, after visiting my house, return to Mother Maimai and she will say farewell, before departing for another dimension. Leave her cave and a small flash will come from beyond the cave. Return to find the cave empty, except for the 72nd Maimai, who offered to remain behind.

PS: Is there a significance to the number 72? I know that 72 hours equals 3 days.“

Battle Gramps

"The old man packs a punch; beware!"

“The rumours were indeed true: Gramps, the old man in Kakariko Village who manages StreetPass is not who he seems. I already had my doubts, when he first shared his knowledge of Shadow Links–other people’s Links transmitted via StreetPass. No normal man could possess such knowledge.

Well, the battles were good practice and the StreetPass Challenges quite addicting to complete. The feeling I got from besting a powerful Shadow Link was triumphant indeed. Little did I realise we were all being used.

For when I beat all 50 Challenges, Gramps confessed his plot to me–it was all a means for him to find a powerful warrior to fight. From this point, I can now battle Gramps, who fights exactly like a 999 bounty Shadow Link. Despite his frail appearance, he can sure pack a whallop.

PS: Could this man be my predecessor? How can he use all my items?“

Hero Mode

"It looks like I need to become the damage-dodging hero my world needs me to be".

“After I saved the world and peace returned to Hyrule and presumably Lorule, I received a notification alerting me to the fact that I can replay my entire journey in Hero Mode. (As if I wasn’t a hero already…) In this mode, everything is the same, but monsters do 4 times more damage.

So if a monster took off half a heart normally, it will now take off 2 hearts. Now the same journey will become a much more arduous affair. However, since I had gained familiarity on my initial journey, if I had to repeat my journey, I should be a more capable man.

My advice for those beginning Hero Mode, keep your distance and stun monsters before fighting them. Fill your Bottles with fairies and health-restoring substances. Also grab every Piece of Heart as soon as you can–monsters in Lorule can take off 8 hearts, so you’ll need them.

PS: I lied a bit: there are two minor changes in Hero Mode.“

Vacant House Diary

"THEY know the fans want it. Who are they? I've spoken too much."

“Only in Hero Mode shall you see this. Inside the vacant room, which is located in Lorule where my house is located in Hyrule, there’s a curious book in the top-right corner. Don’t go through the front door, as it’s blocked; instead, blast the north-facing wall from the outside to discover a secret entrance in.

Read the book to discover it’s a diary of sorts, presumably left behind by the house’s previous owner. I already have my suspicions as to whom it belongs to–if you’ve reached the end of your journey, you should too as well. The contents provide a little insight into the happenings in Lorule.

In addition, I have suspicions that the writings are referencing something else entirely. The counting down from 3 days, then 2 days and finally 1 day reminds me of a most disturbing dream I had once. However, whether there’s any connection, I cannot be so certain.“

Alternate Ending Scene

“Again, this is something you shall only see in Hero Mode. Normally, once you’ve finished your journey, you will see the Master Sword put to rest in its pedestal in the Lost Woods. However, if you complete your journey in Hero Mode, there will be a small change: you will be together with Princess Zelda and the Seven Sages.

PS: I could have sworn the Master Sword slept forever at the end of my predecessor’s journey.“


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Released in 1992, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced SNES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. This handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore as well as fully immersive 3D environments.

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