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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Skull Woods Area

Vincent Lau

Our next destination is the ominous-sounding Skull Woods. Once you’re ready to journey into the unknown, warp to Kakariko Village and head for Sahasrahla’s house (the top-most house). If you bumped into him earlier, you may remember him distressed by a crack near his home; it’s time you checked this crack out. Go around the back of his house; on the back wall, you’ll find the crack–or rather a doorway to Lorule. Merge into the wall and enter the doorway to appear north of Thieves’ Town, across the wide chasm.

Upon emerging, watch out for the shield and javelin Moblins nearby; the shield Moblin is dangerously close to the doorway. When the coast is clear, head for the left side of the Lorule building to find Maimai #87 stuck to the wall. After nabbing the Maimai, merge into the wall again and walk right to obtain the Piece of Heart in the alcove. Next, make your way to the top-left corner and take the exit to the left. In the next screen, you’ll find some Taros determined to get in your way; mow them down without prejudice. Then go all the way up to reach the Skull Woods area.

$$$item 3943

Here you’ll be in a forest not dissimilar to the Lost Woods. Continue up to find a tall pillar in the corner, with a doorway to Hyrule on its front; ignore it unless you have pressing matters back in Hyrule. For now, turn right and, at the end, mow down the grass below to discover Maimai #88 . Follow the path up and you’ll eventually catch sight of Seres’s Painting to the left; of course, you can’t reach the painting now or the quest would be too easy. Continue up the path, then turn left at the end, passing under the scary-looking skeleton tunnel.

After the first tunnel is a cave; go inside to find Mysterious Man who will sell you a Golden Bee for 888 rupees . If you’re swimming in rupees and haven’t encountered a Golden Bee yet, you could consider buying it from him. You can give the Golden Bee to Bee Guy in Kakariko Village to get the Bee Badge, which stops bees from attacking Link. Or you could just save your rupees to buy Ravio’s items. Anyway, keep going left from the cave to find another skeleton tunnel; at the end, break the skull to reveal Maimai #89 hiding underneath. These guys are everywhere!

Next, head all the way right and leave the area via the exit to the right. You will now be in the area where Rosso’s house is in Hyrule. In the middle of the run-down house, there’s a doorway to Hyrule, plus some rupees. To reach the middle of the house, just merge through the iron bars at the front of the house. Mind the Dactos and head towards the bottom of the screen. Ram into the tree to the right with the Pegasus Boots to dislodge Maimai #90 from its branches. Then proceed down to the next screen.

$$$item 3948

Here, continue down, down the hill. Where there’s a V-shape formation of trees, cut down the bushes in the middle of the V to discover Maimai #91 . Return up the hill and turn right, then climb the stairs up to higher ground. Next, go up to return to the previous screen, but now you’re up on the cliff.

Walk up to a nearby Bone Cucco and pick it up. Make your way to the end of the cliff path, where there’s a gap in the barrier below. With the Bone Cucco above your head, leap diagonally down-left, then navigate while in mid-air to the Piece of Heart on the ledge ahead.

$$$item 3944

After claiming your prize, go down to the next screen again and, from there, continue down to the next screen. Near the centre is a deep pit–in Hyrule, there’s a small lake here. Climb down the stairs to the bottom of the pit to rescue Maimai #92 stuck on the wall. Where would these guys be without you? (Still stuck on the wall, of course…) Once you’re done, head left to the next screen. Here, three Hinox stake their territory; early on they were dangerous, but you’ve become stronger since then. When it’s safe, head for the bottom-left corner where Maimai #93 is.

Finally, take the exit leading down, past the wooden arch, to return to the area with the first doorway. Head for the top-left corner again, but this time take the exit to the right. Just ahead, lift the big rock to uncover Maimai #94 . Be careful of the Taros nearby; in particular, there’s one who’ll probably hit you while you’re lifting the big rock.

Not fair! Actually, you don’t have to play fair either–before lifting the rock, grab a bomb and chuck it over the fence to take out the Taros without getting your hands dirty. Go all the way up and take the exit leading up.You will be back in the Skull Woods area, but in a different part altogether. Here, make your way up, past the skeleton tunnel. At the end, to the right is the extremely creepy-looking entrance to the Skull Woods dungeon, as well as a weather vane.

Continue right to eventually reach the screen with the three Hinox. Right now, your priority is probably to recover Seres’s Painting from the dungeon; once you’re geared up and ready to go, descend down the dungeon stairs to begin another heroic journey.

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