There a number of Easter eggs, in-jokes and other amusing bits and pieces hidden throughout Bioshock Infinite. This section will contain some minor spoilers, so you should definitely steer clear of it until after you have completed the game. Once the game is done, you can load the relevant chapter from the chapter menu.

Welcome Centre

Original Bioshock Reference

After getting out of the pod and entering Columbia, walk up to the preacher giving a sermon. As you approach him he will say “Is there someone new?” This was also the first set of words uttered by a Splicer in the first Bioshock game.

Future Music in 1912

As you enter the city, you will find a small floating barge with a quartet singing on it. They are singing ‘God Only Knows’ by The Beach Boys. 1912 is a little early for beach Boys music isn’t it? As such, on the sign behind the group you can read a note saying ‘The music of tomorrow…Today!’ I guess that justifies it!

Hidden Lutece Twins

After receiving the telegram, turn left and find the telescope here. Note you will need to interact with it for it to count as a collectible. Whilst viewing the city through the telescope, look at the platform just below you to see the Lutece twins. They do not appear before or after you use the telescope, only whilst you are actively looking through it.

Monument Tower

Star Wars Reference

As you work your way through the observation windows in Monument Tower and behind the windows you will see Elizabeth open a tear to Paris. In the foreground is a cinema with a movie title in French that translates to ‘Revenge of the Jedi’. This was the original name for the third released Star Wars movie (or 6th in chronological order of the series) before it was changed prior to release to ‘Return of the Jedi’. Perhaps in this alternate world, the change was never made!

Future Music in 1912

When Elizabeth opens the tear to Paris, listen to the background music. You will hear another modern song ‘Everyone Wants to Rule the World’ by Tears for Fears. The funny thing? It is playing whilst you look at the Star Wars reference and it wasn’t released until 2 years AFTER Star Wars: Return of the Jedi!

Battleship Bay

Future Music in 1912

After waking up on the beach and interrupting Elizabeth’s dancing. Hang out on the beach for a minute or two. After a little while you will hear an instrumental only version of ‘Girls just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper playing over the speakers.

Bioshock Infinite in-joke

Once you reach the Arcade, Elizabeth will speak up about the new Dimwit and Duke show, saying it “It is supposed to be the best in the series, but was delayed three times”. Bioshock Infinite could be considered the best in its series and it too was delayed three times.

Return to Hall of Heroes Plaza

Original Bioshock Reference

After you reach the First Lady’s Zeppelin, look on the counter near the controls. Here you will find a wrench that looks remarkably similar to the melee weapon from the original Bioshock. Elizabeth will nail you with it too during the scene.

Note that is may not be an Easter egg as I have now found the wrench in other locations as well. Even so, it does bear a striking resemblance to the Bioshock wrench.

The Plaza of Zeal

Future Music in 1912

From the entrance to the area, head to the building in the back left corner of the zone (its the one with the Veni! Vidi! Vigor’ vending machine in it. In the building you will find a red tear. Approach this and it you will hear the song ‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival through it.


Future Music in 1912

When you arrive in Shantytown, the grammophone in the main bar area is playing an alternate version of ‘Tainted love’ by Gloria Jones.

Elizabeth Sings

When you arrive in Shantytown, head over to the Graveyard Shift Bar. In the basement at the foot of the stairs you will find a guitar that Booker can interact with. Do so and he will pick it up and play it whilst Elizabeth will twirl around the room and sing for you.

Bull Yard

Future Music in 1912

After leaving the police impound, you need to head back to Shantytown proper. On the way, stop at the stockade and listen to the woman sitting here. She will be singing the song ‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Memorial Gardens

Future Music in 1912

After defeating the siren for the first time, exit the cemetery. When we are back on the street, turn right and follow the crumbling ledge here. Once you are back on the street on the opposite side, turn around to see an open door to a building floating behind us. Jump over to this. Approach the red tear to hear another bout of contemporary music. this time it’s ‘Girls just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper again!

The Operating Theatre

Humorous Coded Message

When you run into the old version of Elizabeth, she will give you a note. There is what appears to be scribble on the front with a picture of three cages. Well, taking a screenshot of the note, somebody has managed to decipher what the scribbles mean. The note reads:

“I am a code. I should probably be changed over for something much more official in the future but I’ll do as a stand it for now I suppose.”

The Sea of Doors

Big Daddy and Little Sister

After you arrive in rapture and the story based obstruction goes out of view of the window, look out of the window. In the glass bridge a short distance away you will be able to make out a Big Daddy and a Little Sister from the first pair of Bioshock games.

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