**Collectibles** #
Voxophones 1
Kinetoscopes 3
Telescopes 0
Infusion Upgrades 1
Equippable Gear 0

Hall of Heroes Gift Shop

As soon as you enter the gift shop, you will find a Minuteman’s Armory vending machine on the right with no new weapon upgrades and a Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machine to the left with a new upgrade:

Veni! Vidi! Vigor! Machine

**Vigor(s)** **Upgrade(s)** **Cost**
Possession Possession for Less 1,653

Before entering the open doorway to the next room check out the Kinetoscope [1/3] and Kinetoscope [2/3] sitting either side of the door frame.

You’ll find a pair of Kinetoscopes in the first room flanking the door.

When ready, enter the next room.

As you enter, note the tears that we can get Elizabeth to open in this room.

**Tears in this Location**
Crate of Medical kits In the centre of the room. Barrel of Salt vials On the left side of the room. A friendly auto-turret can be rought in on the right side of the room.

After a short bit of rhetoric over the loud speaker, a new enemy will break through the glass at the back of the room and attack you – the Motorized Patriot.

**New Enemy: Motorized Patriot**
Patriots are one of the most difficult enemies in the game and are large, robotic automatons (think the Terminator!) with a large reserve of armour making them very resistant to damage. They are slow moving and are equipped with a Crank Gun which can dish out enormous amounts of damage. They also have a nasty melee attack if you get too close. Their major weak point is the gears located on its back. Patriots have a colored indicator to let you know what their status is at a glance. The green light indicates that it will not attack. A yellow light indicates that the turret has spotted you. Finally, red status means that they have seen you and are attacking.

The motorised patriot will emerge from the glass case at the back of the room and make its way over to you. Before it gets too far, get Elizabeth to bring in the auto-turret on the right. Plant a trap or two to snare the patriot with some damage over time (Devil’s kiss) or weapon damage bonus (Murder of Crows). Now try to kite the patriot over to the left so that the turret can attack its weak spot whilst the patriot chases you. If things get a little hectic, get Elizabeth to bring in the health or salts as required.

Once the patriot is dead, check out the Kinetoscope [3/3] which is attached to the circular desk in the centre of the room.

Defeat the Patriot (left) and then use the Kinetoscope in the centre of the room (right).

Head over to the back left corner of the room and open the locked door here. Inside you’ll find a safe we can open for a tidy sum of money (requires 5 lock picks).

Return to the gift shop and backtrack to the courtyard again.

The Courtyard

You’ll notice things are a little different this time around. Slate and his men are now occupying the area and will attack you in a series of waves. You need to simply wipe them out to progress. Slate himself sits on the raised balcony that we came in from the first time we came through the courtyard. He has the Shock Jockey vigor equipped which gives him the ability to throw electrified crystals that will damage you if you get too close to them and will use these to limit your range of movement around the ground floor.

Additionally there are a number of tears that Elizabeth is able to open to assist during the sequence.

**Tears in this Location**
Shotgun and ammo at the base of the stairs to the left. Crate of Medical kits at the base of the stairs to the right. Frieght Hooks allowing access to the upper balcony directly above the foot of the stairs.

I recommend using the freight hooks to access the upper balconies to the left and right and using the high ground to your advantage. Between waves, take the opportunity to hop down to ground level and refill that health if you need to do so from the medical kit tear before returning up to higher ground.

After each wave is summoned, Slate will run out of the room, only returning once you have killed them all. The first wave consists of 6 veterans who will appear both in the courtyard at ground level and on the upper ledge on which Slate is standing. The second wave of enemies will come from the door on the left hand side of the ground floor and consist of 6 veterans and a fireman. The third wave will enter from the left hand door on the upper balcony and consists of a motorized patriot and 3-4 veterans.

Once the third wave has been defeated, Slate will open the right hand door on the ground level for you. Drop down to the ground level and rather than proceeding to the right, go through the door on the left (the door the second wave came from). On the left side of the room is a work bench with a Voxophone [1/1] on it. In the tool box behind this, you can also locate an Infusion Upgrade [1/1] – note that you may need to jump up on the table in order to find an angle from which to pick it up.

Go through the door on the left of the main room to find a Voxophone (left) and an Infusion Upgrade (right).

On the way out, hug the left wall and you can also grab a lock pick from behind some crates.

Return to the courtyard and head through the door on the right side of the room. Climb the stairs and continue along the path to the left. As you proceed, more of those electrified crystals will be throw in your general direction to block your passage and a group of 4 veterans will come down the stairs in the distance. Clear them out before climbing the stairs they attacked from and turn left. Enter the door at the end.

As you exit, walk over and interact with the body in the spotlight for a scene. Make a decision during the scene (as far as I can tell the decision does not matter story wise, but whether or not Slate appears later in the game depends on the choice). After the scene, grab the Shock Jockey vigor from the ground next to him.

Follow Slate through the hallways (left) and once you subdue him, pick up the Shock Jockey vigor (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Shock Tactics

[Secret] Retrieved Shock Jockey.

Trophy icon

Now that we have Shock Jockey, we can start back to the gondola. Backtrack through the Hall of Heroes until we are back outside. On the way you will encounter a pair of veterans in the Our Lady’s memorial exhibit and a Crow at the rotunda. Once you reach the entrance, you will see that the door has now closed. Use the salt machine to its left if you need salts and then shoot the power conduit to the right with Shock Jockey to open the door.

Exit back to the plaza to complete the chapter.

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