**Collectibles** #
Voxophones 1
Kinetoscopes 0
Telescopes 0
Infusion Upgrades 0
Equippable Gear 0

Bridge to Comstock House

As soon as you enter run over and pull the switch at the far end of the room. As you do, a scene will play.

DeWitt will have another of his washed out flashback type sequences and you’ll find yourself in another area again. Simply walk up to the door to the right of the desk and interact with it.

After another short scene, run over to the new hole in the wall and look below. There is a freight hook below we can jump to. Hop onto this and then from here leap back down to the platform with the control panel we pulled earlier. You will see that the bridge is now activating so run across to the far side.

Use the hooks to descend from the tower (left) and follow the bridge to the far side (right).

Comstock House

When you reach the other end, run up the steps to where the tear is. When it disappears, enter the building and run up to the next tear ahead. Continue through the next door. Climb up the stairs on either side of the large statue and work your way to the door on the far side of the room there is another tear here.

Once the tear vanishes go through the door. As you enter, you will see a couple of new enemies in the room beyond: Mannequins directly in front and a Boy of Silence on the other side of the central partition.

**New Enemy: Boys of Silence**
The Boys of Silence are only found in Comstock House. They can be identified by the metal helmet with the large earpieces sticking out on either side. These guys act like the security cameras from the first two Bioshock games. They Stand in a specific location and will survey the room around them. You can tell where they are looking by the spotlight that illuminates the area they are investigating. If you are detected, they will light up red and will sound an alarm before teleporting from the room. This will cause all of the enemies in the immediate area to attack you.
**New Enemy: Mannequins**
Mannequins only appear in Comstock house. They are partially phased out citizens with creepy masks on. They are found in groups of 8-10 guarding a room. They remain relatively still and are passive, even if you walk up and touch them. They will stay like this until you alert a Boy of Silence. When alerted to your presence, they will rush you in a large pack and use melee attacks to damage you. They are relatively weak, but their danger lies in the large numbers. If you do accidentally alert a pack of them, you should cut large circles around the area to draw them together and drop traps into their midst as you go.

The next few rooms have a number of Boys of Silence inhabiting them. As mentioned, it is entirely possible to go through the next few sets of rooms, avoiding the Boy of Silence and not having to enter combat at all.

Unfortunately the first room here is the only exception as you are unable to reach the door without being spotted. As such, shoot the boy of silence so he sets off his alarm and mop up the mannequins that come to attack. Once they are all dead, loot the room and use the intercom on the door that the Boy of Silence had been guarding. Enter the lift that appears behind you. Inside the elevator is another tear and a Voxophone [1/1].

Alert the Boy of Silence and clear the room (left). When the lift arrives, grab the Voxophone within (right).

Once the tear disappears, hit the button to ride up to the next area.

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