**Type** **#**
Voxophones 1
Kinetoscopes 0
Telescopes 0
Infusion Upgrades 1
Equippable Gear 0

The Operating Theatre

Exit through the elevator and through the now open gate. Continue past the statue ahead and walk up to the people blocking the door here for a short conversation. Once they disappear, enter the room turn left and walk to the far end of the room.

Interact with the person here when able for a scene. Take the card when it is offered to you. After another short conversation you will be teleported to another area.

Descend the stairs in front and enter the doorway at the far end of the carpeted hallway.


As you enter you will see a surgery room in front of you. To the left and the right are doors we can go through leading to hallways. At the end of each hallway is a set of stairs with an auto-turret at the top. I’d recommend killing both of these before doing anything else. Once the turrets are destroyed you will encounter some new enemies – Founder Heavy Soldiers.

**New Enemy: Heavy Soldiers**
These Founder soldiers are just like regular soldiers. They use the same weapons (shotguns, machine guns etc.) and tactics as the regular soldiers. Where they differ is in their armour. As with the rocketeers/grenadiers these enemies are heavily armoured, so are more durable to vigor, weapon and explosive damage. As with the other armoured enemies traps,sustainable vigors that increase weapon damage and headshots are the best damage dealers when facing these enemies.

In total there are 6 of these heavy soldiers and whichever stairway you choose to climb, 3 of them will be waiting at the top for you. Kill them and peek in the door at the top of the stairs. There are another pair of auto-turrets in here that you will need to dispose of. Attacking these will alert the other 3 heavy soldiers who went over to the opposite stairwell and they will come to attack you as well.

Once all the hostile forces have been neutralised, make sure that you go and loot the bodies and the destroyed auto-turrets – I was running dangerously low on ammo at this point, and you probably will be as well… it’s been a long time since we’ve see a vending machine!

In the large room at the top of the stairs you will find two open doors and a locked door (we’ll get to this shortly). To destroy the machine as our objective requires, we need to enter each of the open doors and pull the lever inside. Go on in and pull one of the levers.

Work your way up either hallway (left) and find the pair of open doors at the top - pull the switches within both doors (right).

Return to the main room. As you do a motorised patriot and 3 heavy founder soldiers will be waiting for you. Kill them all and then enter the next side room and pull the second lever to deactivate the machine. As you pull the second lever, a rather cool scene will play.

Once the scene is over, return down the stairs and interact with Elizabeth for a scene. Continue to interact with her as prompted.

When you regain control, climb back up the stairs to the upper room and have Elizabeth unlock the door between the two openings that lead to the levers (requires 3 lock picks) – it’s directly across from the gate where we need to go for the objective. Inside at the top of the stairs is a desk with an Infusion Upgrade [1/1] and a Voxophone [1/1].

Have Elizabeth pick the lock (left). Inside you’ll find an Infusion Upgrade and a Voxophone (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Infused with Greatness

Collected every Infusion upgrade in a single game.

Trophy icon

Exit this room and have Elizabeth unlock the gate opposite. Enter the lift and hit the button to take it up to the next area.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Higher Learning

[Secret] Completed Comstock House.

Trophy icon

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