**Collectibles** #
Voxophones 0
Kinetoscopes 0
Telescopes 1
Infusion Upgrades 1
Equippable Gear 1

Prosperity Plaza

When you regain control, help Elizabeth open the door and then follow her over to talk with the people blocking your path. During the scene, grab the note that the man gives you. After the conversation is over, interact with the piano to move it out of the way. Go through the short tunnel.

Turn right and climb the stairs here and cross the bridge further along to your left. Ahead you will see another short bridge leading to large building with a ‘Port Prosperity Station’ sign on the roof. That’s where we are headed. To the right is another short tunnel acting as an alternate route to the courtyard below the station. There is a Minuteman’s Armory vending machine in here.

Exit the starting area (left) and work your way over to Port Properity Station for a fight (right).

The Minuteman’s Armory vending machine has the following new upgrades available for purchase:

Minutemans Armory Machine

Weapon(s) Upgrade(s) Cost
Carbine Damage Boost 2 357
Hand Cannon Damage Boost 2 448
Heater Reload increase 752
Repeater Recoil Decrease 711
RPG Damage Boost 2 385
Shotgun Damage Boost 2 255

When you are ready to continue, have a look over at the courtyard below the station you will see a number of Vox soldiers and a couple of tears that can be opened.

**Tears in this Location**
A piece of cover at the far end of the next bridge. A mosquito patrolling in the air around the area. A water puddle near the door to the station. Crate of medical kits at the end of the tunnel past the Minuteman’s Armory machine.

There are 6-7 Vox soldiers here now and additional barges will show up and drop off another 10-12 soldiers and some rocketeers once you start your attack. Your best bet is to keep your distance and use the mosquito to help eliminate a few enemies. If you need to approach, cross the bridge and have Elizabeth phase in the cover here. If you feel like it, you can have Elizabeth phase in the puddle of water and toss a Shock jockey trap onto it to kill any enemies that touch it (although you are likely to get mown down in the process).

Once the area is clear of baddies, head for the door to the station. Look under the cart to the right of the door for a lock pick. When you are ready to continue, make your way over to the door to have Elizabeth unlock it.

Continue inside.

Port Prosperity

As soon as you enter Port Prosperity station, Look behind you and up above the entrance to find a tear to bring in a frieght hook. Have Elizabeth phase this in and hop up to it. From here look for a nearby platform with a gift box containing a new piece of Equippable Gear [1/1].

Drop back to the ground floor and turn to the right to spy a locked gate.Have Elizabeth pick the lock here (requires 3 lock picks). Inside you will find a new weapon – the Heater and at the far end of a hallway in a metal tub you will also be able to grab an Infusion Upgrade [1/1] .

As you enter the station (left), look above the door for a piece of Gear. Open the locked door on the left to find an Infusion Upgrade (right).

In the main lobby, against the far wall from the entry you will find a Dollar Bill and a Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machine.

The Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machine has another new upgrade for sale:

Veni! Vidi! Vigor! Machine

**Vigor** **Upgrade** **Cost**
Undertow Undertow Aid 306

Now with all the looting done, head up the set of stairs on the right side of the room and through the open gate. Follow the hallway to the left. Kill the 3 Vox soldiers around the first corner and continue until you are back outside. Below is a gondola platform and in the distance you will see the gondola headed your way. Observant players will have noticed that there are a couple of tears here, which can mean only one thing – another fight is coming up!

**Tears in this Location**
Friendly motorized patriot on the right as you enter the area. Friendly auto-turret at the left end of the gondola platform.

Activate either of the tears which will help you out once the gondola arrives. You should also consider planting a trap or two on either side of the docking area to speed up the fight. As the gondola arrives, 3-4 Vox soldiers and a motorized patriot will emerge. Eliminate the enemies.

Before proceeding, look on the right hand side of the gondola station for a Telescope [1/1] . Use this to add it to your collectible count.

Wait for the gondola to arrive (left) and eliminate the bad guys. Check the railing to the right of the docking point for a telescope (right).

Jump on the gondola and grab the lock pick from the floor near the doorway. Have Elizabeth pick the lock on the door opposite.

Enter and pull the lever inside too cruise over to the next area.

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