**Collectibles** #
Voxophones 2
Kinetoscopes 0
Telescopes 1
Infusion Upgrades 1
Equippable Gear 3

The Factory

We are now in the factory. Continue up the stairs and through either of the doors at the top. There is a rocket auto-turret at the back of the room and 3-4 Founder soldiers to boot. Clear them out and proceed across the floor and through the doors at the far end. As you enter, look for a tipped over cart near some bodies. Beside this is a gift box containing a new piece of Equippable Gear [1/3].

Head over to the still functioning elevator. On the ground beside it is a lock pick set. Grab that and enter the lift, hit the button to ride it up to the next area. You’ll need to interact with the phone to continue around half way up.

Office of Jeremiah Fink

After getting off the lift you will notice that your allies are your allies no longer. As such we have a new enemy to talk about – Vox Soldiers.

**New Enemy: Vox Soldiers**
The Vox soldiers are almost identical to the Founder soldiers except they are equipped with Vox weapon variants instead. As such they are a more advanced version of the standard fodder enemies that we encountered earlier and a little harder to kill. They are more heavily armoured, making them a little more resistant to weapon damage and are also equipped with more advanced weapons including repeaters and burst guns.

After killing the Vox soldiers, enter the side room to the left. As you enter, you’ll find one of each of the three types of vending machines: Veni! Vidi! Vigor!, Minuteman’s Armory and Dollar Bill. There is a gift hidden on the ground behind the Dollar Bill vending machine containing a new piece of Equippable Gear [2/3] . There are also new upgrades available in both the Minuteman’s Armory and Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machines.

Kill the Vox after leaving the lift (left). Enter the door to the left to find several vending machines (right) and a piece of Gear.

The Minuteman’s Armory and Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machines has the following new upgrades available for purchase:

Minutemans Armory Machine

Weapon(s) Upgrade(s) Cost
Hand Cannon Reload Increase 656
Hand Cannon Damage Boost 1 448
Carbine Recoil Decrease 333
Burst Gun Damage Boost 1 423
Pistol Damage Boost 2 199
Machine Gun Damage Boost 2 236
Sniper Rifle Damage Boost 2 349

Veni! Vidi! Vigor! Machine

**Vigor(s)** **Upgrade(s)** **Cost**
Shock Jockey Shock Chain Aid 1,265
Murder of Crows Crows Boost 545
Charge Charge Aid 1,614
Bucking Bronco Bronco Boost 421

When you are ready to keep on going, return to the main room and turn left. When you reach the door to the next area, look on the chalkboard to the right to find a Voxophone [1/2] . Look at the body in front of the door. From this you should be able to find a new vigor – Undertow .

On the desk before the chalkboard is a Voxophone (left). The body before the next door holds an Undertow vigor (right).

Now that we have all we need, loot the rest of the room and then have Elizabeth pick the lock on the nearby door. Continue through to the next area. Run up the stairs in front to watch a scene through the window. Afterwards all hell will break loose.

This area can be quite difficult. The clock tower is situated in the centre of the zone and there is an upper and lower walkway surrounding it. There are larger circular platforms on either side of the clock tower both at the entry and directly opposite and a sky-line circling the area. There is also a raised platform at the top of the sky-line opposite the entry. There is a pair of tears we can get Elizabeth to utilise in the area.

**Tears in this Location**
A Sniper rifle and ammo on the raised platform on the far side of the room. A Tesla coil trap on the large circular platform at the far side the room.

As the scene ends, a barge will appear from the left laden with 4-5 Vox soldiers and a Vox Rocketeer. Use the sky-line to ride around whilst shooting them or head to the raised platform at the back for a sniper rifle to pick them off (alternatively you can leap onto their barge when it gets into range and use Undertow to push them all over the edge at once!). Afterwards things will get a little more hectic.

I counted 24 Vox soldiers, a fireman and a handyman that need to be killed before you can continue. Initially the game will throw a few Vox soldiers at you in groups of 3-4 at a time and once you have killed around 10-12 of them, the handyman will show up. The fireman will show up once you kill around 18-20 of them. Obviously, once the heavy hitters show up, it becomes a lot more difficult!

My tactic was to have Elizabeth activate the tesla coil tear and then use the sky-line to travel between the two larger platforms on either side of the clock tower, drop down, kill a few enemies and wait for the handyman to approach and then sky-line back to the opposite circular platform, drop down, kill a few enemies and repeat. Doing this means you will not spend a long enough period of time on the sky-line to warrant the handyman using his electrical powers to zap you and you should be able to focus on killing the soldiers and the fireman in turn before focusing your attention to the main threat – the handyman.

When it comes down to a one on one with the handyman, at this point you can once again activate the tesla coil and kite him around the far platform so that the tesla coil can help you out whilst you fight it. Other than that its stun and heart shots all the way!

Once the handyman is dead, look out for the gift he drops. It contains a new piece of Equippable Gear [3/3]. Go to the far platform and find the Telescope [1/1] on the railing. Use this so that is counted towards

your collectibles.

Clear the area of enemies (left) and then look on the far railing from the entry for a telescope (right).

Return to the clock tower and head up to the other window for another short scene. Interact with the piece of the wall to the left of the window. Head back to the window and interact with it for yet another scene. Once the door opens, approach Elizabeth and interact with her.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Working Class Hero

[Secret] Completed Factory.

Trophy icon

Afterwards, before following Elizabeth through the door straight ahead, check out the door to the left to find an Infusion Upgrade [1/1] on a table and inside the door to the right you will find a Voxophone [2/2] . Return to the central room and enter the door Elizabeth walked through previously.

After speaking with Elizabeth grab the Infusion (left) and Voxophone (right) before following her.

Make your way down the hallway and enter the airship docked at the end. Upon entering, loot the area and then interact with the door on the right. Afterwards, head over to the controls at the front of the ship and use the action button to set a course. During the scene, interact with the controls once more as necessary to end the chapter.

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