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Song of Rot Hawezar Side Quest


  • Speak with Zurke
  • Find the Blood Fungus Host
  • Retrieve the Blood Fungus
  • Find Zurke
  • Place the Blood Fungus on Samil’s corpse
  • Speak with Zurke
  • Protect Zurke as he completes the ritual
  • Speak with Zurke


Note: This quest begins immediately after completing the "Perceived Threat" iconPerceived Threat side quest in Hawezar.

Detailed Location

  • Zurke’s Hut, Rotspill Delta, Hawezar.

In-Game Description

I have given Zurke the piece of uncorrupted flesh. He believes he now knows the cure for the swamp sickness. I should speak to him about the next steps.

Zurke is almost ready to cure the sickness he inflicted upon the swamp but he’s missing the last ingredient blood fungus. He is growing the parasitic fungi on a corpsefiend. It should be roaming outside of the "Ancient Reservoir" iconAncient Reservoir in the Looming Edifice.

The Blood Fungus has been collected from the corpsefiend. Zurke told me to travel south to the sickness’ origin. He will be waiting for me there.

The mound of flesh and rot is unmistakably the swamp sickness’ origin. I found Zurke here who brought along Samil’s corpse. Zurke wishes me to place the Blood Fungus I collected unto the decayed body.

The Blood Fungus was added to Samil’s corpse. I should speak to Zurke and ask him the next step in the cleansing.

In the heart of flesh mound, Zurke is to perform a cleansing ritual. He warned me this use of magic would awaken the swamp and attract peril. I need to protect Zurke while he concentrates.

The ritual is completed and the swamp is quiet. Zurke wishes to speak with me at the flesh mound.


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 15094 Y: 15056
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