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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

How to Defeat the Hollow Plant Boss

Jarrod Garripoli

You will face various bosses throughout your journey in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Bosses in this game will have a life bar at the bottom of the screen, some of which will also have a shield gauge. This means that they will take no damage from you until their shield gauge has been depleted. This page will detail the attacks and strategies of the Hollow Plant boss.

The Hollow Plant boss

Where to Find the Hollow Plant Boss

The Hollow Plant will be the first boss you fight in the game, with it first appearing at the end of the Great Forest during Main Quest 3: Old Shiva’s Clock Tower. Note that after defeating the boss in the main story, you will always trigger the boss fight again upon reaching this screen.

How to Defeat the Hollow Plant Boss

For the first boss, the Hollow Plant might be a little tricky, until you learn how it works. You should avoid getting too close to the boss at first, and just evade its attacks until it reveals its weak point. Its main attack is to sprout branches from the ground, which will hurt you if you happen to touch them. Thankfully, a red light will appear before the branches appear, so you will know their locations. There are a few variations of this attack, one of which will be four branches all bunched up, as well as another version that is more spread out across the arena. The first can be easily avoided by moving away from them, while the second requires you to stand in between the designated spots.

(1 of 4) The red lights will appear first

The Hollow Plant will usually do this attack twice, then have a worm-like creature appear out of its mouth following them. This is the weak point and when you should go on the offensive. Quickly get up close and attack twice, then get ready for the worm to initiate its only attack. It charges up an energy ball attack, then will shoot it across the screen. Note that the effects behind the ball will not harm you, as only the energy ball itself can inflict damage. You will have a short window to attack the worm thing after the energy ball is shot, then it’s just dodging the roots before getting another opportunity. Overall, the boss is very easy once you know what to do.

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