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How to Get Ingots in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Ingots are one of the most commonly crafted materials in Nightingale, which you’ll use to forge into various materials at a forge or crafting tables. As time goes on, you’ll be using ingots to make base structures, tools, and then other refined items to make Augmentations, guns and other high-end gear. That said, getting Ingots will form a major part of your playtime in the game. This guide will help you get Ingots in Nightingale, alongside the various benefits of finding different ore materials and their bonuses to more efficiently use ingots for the right crafts.

Players will need a mining pick to smash down unique rocks and boulders to get ore, which can later be used to smelt and create ingots in Nightingale.

How to Make Ingots in Nightingale

To craft Ingots in Nightingale, you must create a Smelter, which is an early game craft. You will need to spend 55 Essence Dust to purchase the recipe from the Essence Traders on your Abeyance realm to unlock the recipe. From there, craft the item using stone blocks and rocks. If you need some quick Essence Dust farms, we have some tips to help you out there.

To craft ingots in Nightingale, players must first unlock the Smelter from the Abeyance Essence Trader.

Place Ore in the Smelter

When the Smelter is up, you’ll unlock the recipe to start crafting Ingots, but to do that, you will need to find ore. Depending on the biome you’re in, the ores you get access to are slightly different. The general premise is that ore spawns inside of caves, along large stone blocks, and on hillsides. If you’re in the desert biome, you’ll likely find nickel in the early game. Meanwhile, the swamp and forest will have tin as your early game ore resource.

When you start improving the item level of your mining pick, you can start getting higher-tier ores. Examples of these higher item level ores include shimmering ore, magnesium and other hard materials like gems and stone blocks when you get better item-level mining picks.

In addition, when you start going through the major cards and dungeons in the game, you’ll start encountering higher difficulty enemies. Some of these warrior-type enemies can drop a special type of Ingot, which helps our Ingot requirements.

Nickel and Magnesium Ore

Like all items in Nightingale, each ore also has special attributes. Nickel is very good at giving players improved melee damage and strength, while tin is better for improving your critical strike. Higher tier materials like magnesium improve your ranged damage, making the metal perfect for turning the ingots into ranged weapon parts when you start unlocking gun recipes at the forge. If you’re using shimmering, these are good for increasing your magical and light stats, making them great ingots for more niche crafts. We highly recommend taking a look at the stat properties of certain ores, and then use their ingots to make more appropriate items from them throughout the game.

(1 of 2) Each Ore offers players different bonuses. Shimmering has some unique benefits.

Each Ore offers players different bonuses. Shimmering has some unique benefits. (left), When you get Magnesium, the ore becomes a perfect material for smelting into Ingots for use in creating gun parts at the Forge. (right)

So, for the most part, making ingots for tools will likely favor ores with better durability. If a tool is your more common melee weapon, then you can look at the crit and strength bonuses of the ores to decide if tin ingots or nickel ingots are right for you.

Purchase Ingots from Essence Traders

Our last tip for you to get ingots in Nightingale is to purchase materials in the Essence Traders. You can often find tin ingots in early essence traders to help you through some of the early ingot grind. Keep track of the traders as you progress to see which refined metals, ores and ingots you can buy.

This concludes everything you need to know about getting ingots in Nightingale. Good luck with your mining tasks and getting your ingots for your crafting needs.

If you want to know more about how to get gems and scraps in Nightingale, see the guides linked below.

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