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How to Increase your Hope in Nightingale

Ben Chard

There are many mechanics at play in Nightingale, but there is one that is essential to your overall progression that ties many of them together, Hope. This is the overall indicator of your progression as a Realmwalker and you’ll need to reach certain levels to continue quests or reach higher-tier areas. This page will tell you how to increase Hope in Nightingale and what it impacts.

Hope is one of the central themes and gameplay mechanics in Nightingale.

What Does the Nightingale Hope Stat Do?

The first thing you need to understand about Hope is that it determines your overall Realmwalking Score, which is used as a marker to gate various activities and progression in Nightingale. For example, you’ll need to have your Hope at a certain level to access higher sites of power, this then allows you access to the various dungeons that host the Major Realm Cards that will grant you access to higher tier realms.

How to Nurture Hope in Nightingale

How do you go about increasing (or as our Fae friends like to say, “nurturing”) your Hope stat, then? There are three other scores you need to increase, and your Hope will be an aggregate of that. These are your Gear Score, Estate Score, and Deeds Score. You can find more information about each of those below:

Increasing your Gear Score

In Nightingale, every piece of equipment has an Item Level which you can see in the top right corner. Your Gear Score is the aggregate of everything you have equipped, along with your weapons in the 1-5 slots on your hotbar. It’s as simple as it sounds, crafting or finding stronger equipment will increase that rating and it’s also needed to gain access to some dungeons too. This is by far the most important of the three scores and one you should keep on top of.

Increasing your Estate Score

If your Gear Score is all about the equipment you wear, then Estate Score is all determined by your personal Estate, the base you build at your Estate Cairn. The score is tied directly to the quality of your crafting stations at your base, upgrade and build better stations and your Estate Score will increase. This is all part of the natural progression in Nightingale, and you’ll need better stations to craft the stronger equipment needed for your Gear Score.

You can find your Hope Score in Nightingale by heading to the inventory screen and looking in the top right.

Increasing your Deeds Score

The final factor when determining your Hope Score is your Deeds Score, and this one isn’t as obvious as the previous two. As you may expect, you’ll obtain plenty of quests during your travels across the realms, be it from Puck or the various residents you come across. As you complete these quests, your Deeds Score increases. It’s as simple as that, go out into the world, pick up quests, and complete them to boost the score and your Hope alongside it.

So, there you have it, Hope is one of the more important mechanics of Nightingale and you’ll need to continue increasing it as you progress through the game. Once you’ve increased it enough, you may want to consider taking on the dungeons below and acquire more Major Realm Cards:

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