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How to Get the Hunt Realm Card - Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Hunt Card is one of the final dungeon-related Major Realm Cards you can get in Nightingale. As you journey to complete the various dungeons in your Abeyance, you will have one elusive dungeon still awaiting you. This is the Hunt Site of Power. However, unlike all other tasks, you will need to build a lot of Hope, Estate Level, and Gear Score to access it. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the Hunt Realm Card in Nightingale.

We teach you where to find the Hunt Site of Power and unlock the Hunt Realm Card in Nightingale.

Where to Find the Hunt Realm Card in Nightingale

To get the Hunt Realm Card in Nightingale, players will need to find the dungeon in your Abeyance realm. You can identify the location of the Hunt Site of Power via the large creature bones that spawn in your Abeyance Realm. It essentially looks like a giant dragon head skull on the ground, so, you should be able to see it sticking out in your Desert and Swamp biomes, and it’s somewhat easy enough to see when you get close enough to it in a Forest biome. You can see an example of the Hunt Site of Power location in the image above.

However, before you can enter the site, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • 50 Gear Score
  • 150 Hope
  • 75 Estate Score

Gear Score

Gear Score is the average of all your currently wielded and equipped weapons and armor. You will need to craft the refined sets of crafting stations, upgrade your tools, and use a higher tier of resources to reach this gear score threshold.

Estate Score

As for the Estate Score, this is essentially the value of your estate. It will be based on the number of items you have created near your Estate Cairn, topped off with furnishings, augmentations, crafting stations and other building pieces and decorations. Make sure to improve your estate over time, and check on your quest progress to see where your number is at.

Hope Score

Finally, the last on the list is the Hope score. Hope is a mixture of your Gear Score, Estate Score, and in general, how many quests you have completed. If you have not already done so, we recommend speaking to NPCs you’ve encountered so far and completing the quests for them. Chances are you may have missed NPCS like Frankenstein in the Desert Astrolabe realm as you’re not really told to go there, which can give you more quests to do and increase that Hope score for you.

When you gain entry, follow the dungeon downwards like most other realm card dungeons, and fight off the spinning and spawning baddies, look for Hope Echoes for Codex entries and loot Fae Chests. When you reach the bottom, you’ll fight a boss guarding the Realm Card recipe as you always do. Defeat it and claim the recipe for you to craft the final Major Realm Card and move onto the end-game content.

What to expect from the Hunt Card

Apex Hunts are one of the end game tasks, which spawn huge world bosses in your realms for you to hunt. You can do these to get high-end materials, but they come with challenges.

You should now be able to craft the Hunt Card at the Refined Enchanter’s Focus. From here, you can create portals to Apex Worlds, which contain world bosses that have a lot of HP. For example, Humbaba is one, which has its own set of tactics and mechanics to deal with. You will need to track these creatures via sheer luck, or using the tracking enchantment that you can get to make the process easier. Make sure to go prepared with allies, tools, consumables, and other necessary repairs, ammo and minor card activations to maximize your build potential.

In addition, Hunt realm cards come with their own recipes, such as advanced building recipe unlocks. You can also get the minor card recipes for your favorite weapon type to increase the weapon damage you deal for specific guns in Nightingale. So, these will certainly help you take on the foes in the Hunt realms using guns that you love using.

This about concludes all you can expect from the Hunt Realm Card in Nightingale.

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