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How to Get the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

The Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale is the third and final realm card that grants you access to the tier 1 worlds you can generate. Like the Astrolabe and Antiquarian Realm Card Dungeons, you will need to come prepared with the relevant gear score, prepared inventory and more to overcome the challenge target for the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale. Here’s everything you need to know and to expect as you unlock the Provisioner Site of Power and get the Provisioner Realm Card.

Players need to look for the Factory Mill Landmark on their Abeyance world to find the Provisioner Realm Card location in Nightingale.

Where to Find the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale

The Provisioner Site of Power and Realm Card are located in your Abeyance Realm. You can identify the landmark by looking for the factory you can see looming over forests, grasslands or hillsides. You’ll often find the Provisioner Site of Power is located at least on top of or near a hill, as the dungeon is a mine shaft.

When you find the landmark, go towards the tower section with the industrial buildings, and you should find a cave entrance going down into a hill or into the ground, depending on the location in your procedurally generated world. You will also need to have beaten the Astrolabe Dungeon before being able to access this location.

When you arrive, the dungeons will require 25 Gear Score to enter. We recommend upgrading your main tools, applying Infusions to increase your tool’s efficiency further and then enchantments to give yourself some spells to use in combat, such as Recovery for self-healing.

Also, ensure you have Essence Dust to repair your gear mid-way through, alongside the healing salves and potions for quick combat recovery.

How to Unlock the Provisioner Card in Nightingale

When you are ready to enter the Provisioner Site of Power Dungeon, enter the mine and go forth. Like all dungeons, you’ll start seeing baddies spawning, typically your melee swordsman enemy types, the mages, flask throwers, and the lantern heads. They’ll often spawn throughout the level, so it’s worth noting as you progress.

(1 of 2) Enter the Provisioner Site of Power and deal with the spawning hostiles, then look for tracks descending further into the mine shaft.

Enter the Provisioner Site of Power and deal with the spawning hostiles, then look for tracks descending further into the mine shaft. (left), As you progress down, expect to encounter a new fire type of baddy that spawns. (right)

When the hostiles are cleared, you are going to need to start exploring mine tunnels. Look for mining tracks or tunnels going from various points in the first room, and you’re free to explore. Due to proc-generated maps, we cannot advise specifically where to go, but, be aware that there are tunnels that take you to dead ends, often with Fae Chests to loot. Meanwhile, one of the mine tracks takes you to a drop-down location, where you will continue further down and progress through the Provisioner Realm Card dungeon. You should start seeing more enemies spawn when you’re on the right track as you’ll slowly be descending.

Eventually, one of the pathways, mine cart tracks or stairways will lead you into the boss room, where you will fight one last boss before claiming the Provisioner Realm Card recipe.

Beating the Fabled Automaton Knight in the Provisioner Site of Power

You’ll activate one more boss when you get to the bottom of the dungeon. The boss is the Fabled Automaton Knight, which you will have fought before in the Antiquarian Realm Card Dungeon. However, the creature will have some improved tactics and one more surprise for you.

When you reach the bottom and are close to getting the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale, you will fight a slightly upgraded version of the Fabled Knight boss.

The same rules apply to killing the Knight. If you need a recap of what it does, you can read here.

  • Dash: The boss charges a swing, and then dashes and slashes its sword in an uppercut motion. Dash sideways to dodge this successfully. If hit, the boss will deal damage and burn you for two seconds.

  • Weak to blunt and piercing damage: The boss’ armor is weak to hammer and pick axe-type weapons.

  • The Crystal: The crystal in the creature’s sword is the creature’s weak point. Try aiming at this if you can to deal even more damage.

  • Line of Sight: Line of sight the boss when you need to heal up, as it will slowly move around to get back in line of sight. This grants you time to heal using Salves, Potions, or casting a fully charged Recovery spell on yourself.

  • Lazer Beam: This is a new spell for this dungeon. The boss can occasionally stand still, and charge a heavy lazer beam from its sword in a circular motion. Line of sight it or rotate around the boss and hit it while it is doing this move.

Once the boss is defeated, retrieve the Provisioner Realm Card from the machine, and you can craft it at your base at the simple enchanting table.

Other Tips on the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale

Also, it is worth noting that Wilhemina Sasse, the NPC at the Antiquarian dungeon entrance, will have a new quest for you. It will essentially tell you to track down the next NPC you need to visit, which will be at the Forest Provisioner realm card combo. Don’t miss out on this quest, as it is part of your main questline to reach the end game.

After acquiring the recipe for the Provisioners Realm Card, you can return to Sasse to get a new quest at your Abeyance Realm.

In addition, players can now start accessing the Provisioner realms using any combo of biome cards. You’ll likely want to visit these, as you’ll be able to start getting guns in Nightingale now. The forest has rifles, the swamp has pistols, and the desert has shotguns. So, if that’s something you want, then make sure to save T1 essence and get the gun recipe you want.

This concludes everything you need to know about the Provisioner Realm Card in Nightingale. You are now on your way to tracking the next major NPCS, getting gun recipes, and other useful parts of base building, crafting tables and other goodies in your progression.

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