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How to Solve Bastille of Insight Puzzles in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Bastille of Insight puzzles are one of the three puzzle challenges you’ll encounter in Nightingale. While Bastilles of Intellect and Agility are designed to test your memory and parkour skills, Insight puzzles are designed with your ability to track information. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and spot patterns if you intend to complete the tricky objectives. Here’s everything you need to know about Bastille of Insight Puzzles in Nightingale.

Here’s a guide on completing Bastille of Insight puzzles in Nightingale.

Where to find Bastille of Insight Puzzles in Nightingale

Bastille of Insight puzzles are one of the few types of puzzles you can find in the game. You can spot this puzzle by opening the map and checking if it has a magnifying glass icon. Hovering over the icon also states it is an Insight puzzle.

When you arrive at a Bastille of Insight, the area will look like your standard Fae ruin. Albeit you’ll find wisps floating around the place. You can find these in your Tier 1 worlds and beyond and they can be part of the features in end-game Vault runs too.

You’ll need to complete these objectives to press on through your Vault mission. Meanwhile, finding one of these objectives in the Fae Realms can award new recipe unlocks, alongside granting you Essence equivalent to that of your realm Tier.

Solving Bastille of Insight Puzzles in Nightingale

The trick to solving the Bastille of Insight puzzles in Nightingale is by two methods.

  1. Unlocking the runes in order.
  2. Revealing runes by Wisps traveling near them.

When you find a complex with an Insight puzzle, you will need to identify the locations of the runes. These runs are always in one of two states: Invisible or with a slight red illumination when they are visible. Typically, the light of the Wisps allows the runes to remain visible for a short period before disappearing. If you can’t interact with one of the red runes, then it means that you need to activate another one of the runes beforehand.

You must track down glowing red runes and activate them to complete Insight Puzzles in Nightingale.

Speaking on the design and layout of the Insight puzzle, you can locate the runes in several spots. The Fae realm maps tend to have runes on stone pillars and ruin walls. Some may be out of the line of sight from where the puzzle core reward box is. Meanwhile, the Vault versions tend to have the runes hidden under stairs, on long corridor pathways, and in more open parts of the area.

From our testing, runes that are not in the next order remain invisible unless passed by a Wisp recently. This can be useful as it means you can take mental notes of the runes for when you next need to activate one. For the Insight puzzles found in realms, this probably isn’t too necessary, but for the larger areas in Vaults, this can be very handy as you need around five-six to open the next objective.

When faced with Insight Puzzles in Vaults, look for feint red glows as it helps with finding difficult and well-hidden runes inside buildings, tunnels, and open spaces.

When you’ve activated all the associated runes, the magic chest should open, offering the players loot. If you’re in a vault, you should also notice a doorway opens to the next stage of the vault.

With that said, you now know how the Bastille of Insight Puzzles work in Nightingale. Good luck tracking these runes down and farming your essence and other rewards as you explore the game’s survival puzzle and end-game systems.

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