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How to Get a Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale

Craig Robinson

Upgrade Benches in Nightingale are an important part of increasing your item level and progressing through the game’s Gear Score checklists. From unlocking new sites of Power to reaching the desired higher item level required materials for farming, it’s safe to say you want to keep increasing your item level. So, the best ways to do that are through Upgrade Benches and higher-tier materials. At first, the Simple Upgrade Bench is enough to clear Sites of Power, but you’ll want to unlock the Refined Upgrade Bench and really catapult your item level to new heights. Here’s everything you need to know about the Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale, featuring how it works, unlocks, and crafting requirements.

Here’s a closer look at how to get a Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale and how to use one.

How to Get the Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale

To obtain the Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale, players must unlock the Gloom and Herbarium Realms. We visited the Forest Gloom Essence Trader and confirmed that the trader sells the Refined Upgrade Bench recipe. Feel free to roll that world and grab it since it’s a guaranteed recipe unlock.

When you get the recipe, feel free to return to your base, and then place the blueprint for the Refined Upgrade Bench. You’ll then need to get the materials to craft the bench, which are:

  • 4x Carved Wood
  • 2x Etched Ingot
  • 2x Carved Stone

You’ll be able to get Carved Wood from the Refined Saw Mill, while the Carved Stone comes from the Refined Masonry Bench. Meanwhile, Etched Ingots are crafted from the Brazier. You should already have these crafting benches; if not, you can get them from the Provisioner Realms as soon as possible.

How to use the Refined Crafting Bench in Nightingale

Once you have your Refined Crafting Bench, you can start enchanting your gear up to blue quality. In addition, upgrading your items at the Refined Bench to blue quality increases the item level by around 45. This is a huge upgrade, typically allowing you to upgrade your tools from Tier 2 to Tier 3 Resources.

When you complete your craft, players can start upgrading their items to Rare quality using T2 Essence.

Remember that you’ll need T2 Essence to upgrade your items from green to blue quality. Each upgrade costs 40 T2 Essence.

Additionally, when you upgrade your items, you will unlock new slots for Infusions and Enchantments. You should now be able to apply two Infusions and Enchantments to your items, meaning that you can get some serious buffs to your gear. You will only be able to apply one charm to blue-quality clothing, however.

This concludes everything you need to know about the Refined Upgrade Bench in Nightingale. Good luck ramping your time level up and progressing deeper into the game.

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