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Where to Find All Essence Traders - Nightingale

Ben Chard

You won’t have to play long to understand just how important the Essence Traders are in Nightingale. These handy merchants will sell all manner of recipes that you can put to use at your Estate. The game’s main progression centers around seeking these out in each new realm, purchasing the recipes, and then upgrading your Gear Score and Estate Score to access the tougher dungeons. This page will detail how you can find out where the Essence Traders are and what they sell at all times.

You can view all of the Essence Traders in Nightingale from the Guidebook.

Finding Essence Traders in Nightingale

Now that you know how important Essence Traders are, you may be wondering how you go about finding them. The first Essence Trader is a simple one, open your map in your home realm and you should see a marker for the Essence Trader. Odds are the first Essence Trader will be near the Antiquarian Dungeon, alongside what should be your first companion. Take a look at their wares and you’ll discover they have recipes for new workbenches, tools, and resources. You’ll want to make a habit of getting enough Essence to purchase all of these recipes when you first start in a new realm.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to discover where you can find other Essence Traders without accessing other realms. This is handy because you may have a quest that requires specific items, or you may be looking for recipes for new workbenches that will allow you to craft better tools and increase that Gear Score.

Viewing All Essence Traders

Nightingale features a handy Guidebook that you can access from the Escape menu. It features menus for your crafting, building, journal, and so much more! More relevant for your needs here, however, is the Traders tab, which you can find at the far end of the Guidebook. This will display every Trader across the realms, and if you click on them, you’ll be able to see all the wares they have, including the required Essence. This allows you to plan ahead for what you may be looking to purchase next, and in what biome that trader resides in.

Pay special attention to the realm names to determine the difficulty of the realm and the quality of the wares on offer.

When it comes to the realms themselves, pay special attention to the name, as this will indicate whether they are T1, T2, T3, or The Watch as this will determine where you are in your progression. There’s no sense in identifying an item you want when you haven’t progressed far enough to obtain the Major Realm Card needed. Check out the table below to learn what name is what Tier:

Realm Name Tier
Antiquarian T1
Astrolabe T1
Provisioner T1
Herbarium T2
Gloom T2
Hunt T2/T3 (spawns Bosses in your biome)
Ascended T3
The Watch T3

There are a few things to note about the realm names, the first is that the Ascended Realms are the highest tiers of the various biomes, while The Watch is the name of the shared space end-game zone, where you’ll meet with other Realmwalkers to take on the game’s toughest challenges. The wares of an Essence Trader are also determined by the biome that you’re in, so the Antiquarian trader in the Forest, Desert, and Swamp biomes will have unique wares.

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