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Codex Entries .
P: Kirkwall - Hightown L: Commandments of the Maker
P: Par Vollen: The Occupied North L: Andraste: Bride of the Maker
P: The Anderfells L: The Sermons of the Devine Renata I
L: The Coterie L:The Maker
L: Surface Dwarves L: History of the Chantry: Chapter 1
L: The Founding of the Chantry
Available Side-Quests .
A New Home? A Friend in the Guard
The Deep Roads Expedition A Business Discussion

Once scenes have completed you will regain control of Hawke in Hightown. Feel free to check the shops around the northern sector of Hightown;

Robes by Jean

Item Price
Illwan’s Hood 5g 41s 80c
Boots of the Elder 2g 60s 31c
Backpack 61s

Korval’s Blades

Item Price
Trust and Cut Blade 1g 64s 05c
Markham Head Stopper 1g 88s 98c

Olaf’s Armory

Item Price
Marcher Battle Plate 4g 81s 60c
Wyvernscale Gauntlets 2g 02s 97c
Surfacer Stone Boots 2g 59s 43c

Hubert’s Fine Goods

Item Price
The Liar’s Charm 1g 68s 80c
Gentleman’s Puzzle Ring 1g 67s 20c
Tome of Technique 21g 93s 25c
Rune of Frost Warding 51s 00c

Then make your way to the middle and check the Kirkwall - Hightown monument for a codex update. Head to the Red Lantern District in the southeast to find a barrel then head to the west side of town to the Chantry Courtyard to find a crate . South of here is the Hightown Estates, a crate sits off the first alcove and another crate can be found south of the first. There is a somewhat hidden crate off the map on the west side of the Estates, accessed via a dark alley.

Head back out and enter the Chantry. Open the doors on the sides to find The Commandments of the Maker on the ground. Observe the ornate decoration of Andraste: Bride of the Maker in the central area then head up the steps to meet Grand Cleric Elthina. Check the altar stand for a book on The Sermons of the Devine Renata I then the book on the on stand behind it for The Maker . Head up the steps to the north to find the book on The History of the Chantry: Chapter 1 . Grab the Locks of the Golden Fool **** from the nearby bed stand to start the Side Quest. Open the door nearby to find a book on The Founding of the Chantry .

Go around to the north side to find the book on Par Vollen: The Occupied North then you can leave the Chantry. Head over to The Blooming Rose in the Red Lantern District. Open the doors and head along the southern end until you find a chest that contains a Design: Rune of Lightning . Continue into the next room to find a barrel and crate then enter the actual bar area. Read the book on The Anderfels and if you can open the chest - standard up the stairs in the eastern room for some damage jewelleries. There’s not much else you can do now but get to doing some of the main quests and making enough money to become partners with Bartrand so head south to the Viscount’s Keep.

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