The Lost Swords
Requirements: Obtain the Arishok’s respect in Act II

Speak with the Taarbas in Hightown to start this quest. He wants you to find the Qunari Swords that were left behind. Consult the table below to find the location of all ten. Every time you turn a sword in you will gain experience and the Taarbas will ask if you want coin for the troubles. Taking coin results in nominal increases while taking no coin and finding all ten will net you the Bassrath-Kata , a weapon unique to Hawke’s class.

Area Sword Location
Hightown Purchase from Korval’s Blades.
Lowtown Purchase from Weaponsmithy.
Lowtown (Night) Rubble in the Foundry District.
The Gallows Purchase from Weapon Shop.
Darktown Crate in Anders’ Clinic.
Docks (Night) Pile of bones in Harbormaster’s Office.
Docks (Night) Chest - Master in Warehouse District.
DeLauncet Mansion Chest in Northeast room.
The Wounded Coast South end of the western camp in a pile of bones.
The Wounded Coast Old Tal-Vashoth camp in pile of bones.

The Last Holdouts
Requirements: During the Showdown in Act III’s opening, side with Meredith.

Head to the Hanged Man at night and speak with the Barmaid. Head to the back room and speak with the Templars then head to Darktown. Enter the Hidden Area and loot a Blood Mage Dispatch, then defeat the slew of enemies that attack. Loot the rubble and the Blood Mage for Adept Robes . Up the stairs are two more Blood Mage Dispatches, grab them and defeat more enemies. Head south and defeat the Blood Mage Leader, loot his Adept Mage Cowl and the crate in the corner. Another Blood Mage Dispatch is in the corner here, secure it and return to the Writing Desk at Hawke’s Estate.

Read the letter on The Last Holdouts and head to Sundermount. Make your way through the Sundermount Cavern and button hook around to enter the Blood Mage Base. Meet up with Ser Mettin and kill the mages that come at you. Loot the crate and continue north. Fight off Bancroft and his mages, when they go down you have to choose sides with either Mettin or Agatha. Regardless of whom you side with, loot the corpses and the crate for Tenebral Cowl and the chest - complex for The Vague Blade and Adept Mage Boots .

A Noble Agenda
Requirements: During the Showdown in Act III’s opening, side with Orsino.

Speak with Ser Marlein Selbrech in Hightown and accept her request. Head to Darktown and enter the Hidden Supply Depot. Defeat the Mercenaries and loot the nearby crate . Around the corner open the chest - complex for Cynoeswr Sain then head down the steps. Defeat the Templars here and loot the chest - standard for Garahel’s Helm . Head over to Lowtown and find Ser Mettin outside of Gamlen’s house. Give him a hostile welcoming and return to the Hawke Estate.

Check the Writing Desk for a letter titled Noble Agenda then return to Lowtown at night. Head outside of Gamlen’s House once more and join the fray against Ser Edgert and his Templars. After the battle you will receive your reward and the quest will end.

Reining It In
Defeat Slave Hunters in the Docks at night until this quest becomes active.

Head to the far east side of town to enter the Run Down Alley and fight Jess “Leashmaster” Varvel. Loot her corpse for Woodsman’s Ire and clean out the area of Slave Hunters to finish the quest.

Enter the Run Down Alley and defeat the enemies within.

King Alistar
Requirements: Alistair becomes King in Dragon Age: Origins Import OR Choose The Hero of Ferelden or The Martyr background

To finish this quest simply head to Viscount’s Keep and speak with the King.

Kind of Want
Defeat the Followers of She in Lowtown at night until this quest becomes active. Head to the Decrepit Alley and fight off Hanker. Loot her corpse for Lord Bearing’s Wall and Carta’s Left Hand to finish the quest.

Red Run Streets
Fight Bloodragers in Hightown at night until this quest becomes active. Head to the Suspicious House afterwards and fight off Jakeson “The Bleeder” Hall. Loot his corpse for Top-Chop Brand and the quest is completed.

Enter the Suspicious House and defeat Jakeson "The Bleeder" Hall and his buddies inside.

Who Needs Rescuing?
Accept this quest from the Writing Desk and head to the Wounded Coast. In the small area to the north, speak with Orlanna. Tell her what you will then fight off the Bandits. Loot the leader for Hack and the quest will complete when Orlanna leaves.


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