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Items .
Andraste’s Wisdom Proving Battle Tunic
Boiled Leather Plates Qunari Sword
Cuirass of the Centurion Righteous Rain
Deathroot Ring of the Shadow Hunter
Deep Mushroom Rivaini Talisman
Design: Rune of Valiance Sylvanwood Ring
Dragonscale Boots The Wailer
Finesse Urazara’s Tooth
Gem of Keroshek Warden’s Oath
Enemies .
Antivan Crow Mercenary
Apostate Mage Mercenary Archer
Blood Mage Mercenary Commander
Carta Assassin Monstrous Spider
Carta Thug Nuncio
Corpse Nuncio’s Guard
Corrupted Spider Ogre
Danarius Pit Boss
Dragonling Poisonous Spider
Dwarf Mercenary Rage Demon
Giant Spider Raider Reaver
High Dragon Shade
Hurlock Bolter Skeleton Archer
Lyrium Smuggler Slaver
Lyrium Smuggler Archer Thief
Lyrium Smuggler Foreman Thief Leader
Mabari Veld
Mekel Wasp Spider
Codex Entries .
I: The Centurion’s Curaiss N: The Arwiegan Scrolls: Third Aspect
L: History of the Chantry: Chapter 4 N: A Crumpled Note
L: The Resolutionists N: Wallop Mallet
L: The Dragon’s Blood N: Bill of Lading
L: Vhenadahl: The Tree of People
Available Side-Quests .
Speak to Fenris Mine Massacre
Alone Herbalist’s Tasks
Faith A Murder of Crows
Champions and Captains Visit Gamlen
A Talking To Gamlen’s Greatest Treasure
Isabela’s Regret
The Storm and What Came Before It
Check on Anders

The following quests are available at the beginning of the Act. Since some of them will trail into the Main Quests it is best to do them now. In addition to completing some of these quests during the Main Quests, whether or not you have done them will affect the story and the choices you can make - more choices are available if you have done these quests prior to finishing the Main Quests.

One of the first things you should do is head to Hightown and check out the shops updated wares.

Robes by Jean Luc

Item Price
Circle Robes 13g 80s 00c
Regret 11g 30s 21c
Harlan’s Jackboots 11g 58s 85c
Backpack 67s 37c

Korval’s Blades

Item Price
Limbtaker 35g 03s 50c
Dwarven Great Axe 13g 86s 00c
Perrin’s Nail 7g 35s 92c
Masterwork Dwarven Dagger 8g 72s 22c
Qunari Sword 3g 75s 00c
Arcane Tome of the Mortal Vessel 21g 93s 25c

Olaf’s Armory

Item Price
Stonehammer Plate 11g 32s 40c
Red Breastplate 10g 89s 00c
Gauntlets of the Dark Breath 4g 58s 22c
Greater Ring 9g 24s 00c

Hubert’s Fine Goods

Item Price
Enchanted Robes 11g 94s 00c
Van Markham’s Heirloom 7g 57s 80c
Rhinestone-studded Symbol of Andraste 7g 47s 00c
Band of Silvery Gold 7g 63s 20c
The Hanged Man’s Girdle 7g 92s 30c
Rune of Fire 50s 40c
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