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Dragon Age II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 24-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 21:25 GMT

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Act II

Demands of the Qun

Aequitarian Robe Twice-Blessed Ring
Recipe: Elixir of Heroism Warden's Promise
The Seal of Kirkwall
Arishok Elven Supporter
Ashaad Karashok
Carta Assassin Looter
Carta Thug Qunari Honor Guard
Coterie Rogue Saarebas
Codex Entries Available Side-Quests

Head to the Docks at day and enter the Qunari Compound. Speak with the Arishok and after the scenes you get one last chance to change the party. Follow the path around Lowtown and head south instead of straight to the Market. As you battle the countless Qunari be sure to loot the barrels and corpses . When you meet the Grey Wardens you will receive Warden’s Promise , then go south. Loot the crates and defeat the Looters then the Coterie Rogue. Move through the market area for a larger battle. Check the chest - complex after the brawl then leave Lowtown.

Fight your way through the Qunari enemies as you move through both Lowtown and Hightown.

As you enter Hightown you must fight more Qunari, the Sten drops a Double-Bearded Axe . Check the crates , barrel and a chest - complex before moving out. On the east side of town you can take part of a Carta Thug and Qunari battle. South of here is a corpse with the Recipe: Elixir of Heroism . Move to the center of Hightown to find another corpse this time with Aequatarian Robes . Defeat the Qunari here to start a scene, then either create a distraction or charge straight into the Viscount’s Keep.

Note: Upon meeting Grand Enchanter Orsino, you will unlock the achievement/trophy 'Friends in High Places'.


When the scene ends you must fight off some Qunari. Loot the corpses for The Seal of Kirkwall and Twice-Blessed Ring then move to the far east. The Act is about to unleash the final scene but how it takes place is dependent on your choices. If Isabela returns then you can either duel the Arishok or fight him with his men, or let them take Isabela. If Isabela doesn’t return then you can still duel if Fenris is around. If the Arishok takes Isabela she is gone for good so be wary your choices. Duelling the Arishok is by far the toughest but most rewarding choice.

Boss: Varishok

Cold Very Weak
Electric Immune
Fire Immune
Nature Very Weak
Spirit Normal
Abilities Immunities
Impale Flanking
Rush Knockdown
Slice Immobilize

Move into the throne room in the Viscout's Keep for a scene (left) and then fight the Arishok (right).

The Arishok only has a few abilities but they all can be chained since they cause knockback or knockdowns. Having high Fortitude or a Force Mage’s Unshakable spell will more than help in this fight.

The Rush move is very telegraphed and should always be dodged. The Slice is a huge knockdown but is also slow and can be dodged, the Arishok will normally follow with a Rush if you get hit, essentially chaining attacks. Impale will severely cripple anyone it hits as the Arishok raises the victim into the air for continual damage.

The Arishok will also use several potions to keep himself above 50% but once under that mark he will stop. Keep on the offensive at this time because the attacks will get faster and cause more damage.


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