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Dragon Age II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 24-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 07:54 GMT

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Act II

Blackpowder Courtesy

Alrik's Papers Design: Rune of Nature Warding
Belt of the Brigand Dissension
Belt of the Primevals Elfroot
Blackened Greaves Embrium
Boots of Enasalin Formula: Arcane Poison
Borderfall Glitterdust
Chandan's Amulet Hashal's Amulet
Dalish Tattoo Ink Honeycut
Deathroot Orichalcum
Deep Mushroom Polished Whitewood Amulet
Items Continued
Radha's Amulet Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery
Ream-Rot Knife Spindleweed
Recipe: Mighty Offence Potion Spirit Essence
Rivaini Seer's Band Surfacer Stone Armor
Seal of the Old God Dumat The Brother's End
Silverite Varterral's Heart
Silverite-Reinforced Buckles Waxler's Heart
Carta Assassin Frost Horror
Carta Thug Giant Spider
Cave Spider Guard
Cave Spiderling Hunter Spider
Corpse Lyrium Smuggler
Corrupted Spider Lyrium Smuggler Archer
Crazed Commander Lyrium Smuggler Foreman
Crazed Guard Mabari
Crazed Woman Mature Dragon
Dragonling Mercenary
Dwarf Merchant Mercenary Archer
Elven Fanatic Mercenary Assassin
Enemies Continued
Mercenary Commander Shadow Assassin
Monstrous Spider Skeleton Archer
Poisonous Spider Slaver
Raider Slaver Mage
Raider Archer Templar
Raider Assassin Templar Archer
Raider Reaver Varterral
Ser Alrik Wasp Spider
Codex Entries
C: Varterral N: Ser Alrik's Letter
I: Enasalin
Available Side-Quests
Dissent Family Matters
Mirror Image A Story Being Told
Back from Sundermount The Long Road
An Update

Head to The Docks and speak with The Arishok. Agree to hunt the thief, Javaris then check out the Docks shops before heading to Darktown.

Shady Merchandise

Item Price
Mariner's Trust 3g 29s 37c
Worn Leather Boots 3g 02s 40c
Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets 1g 64s 34c
Lyrium Scales 1g 64s 34c

Bonny Lem’s Wares

Item Price
The Heavens' Answer 30g 40s 00c
Poisonwood Locket 20g 09s 25c
Puzzle Ring of the Black Fox 88g 14s 75c

Note: Bonny Lem’s store is in the Disused Passage, which can be accessed at night time.

Around the corner from Bonny’s is a crate containing the Seal of the Old God Dumat . North of Bonny’s you can find a sack with Waxler’s Hat inside, an item that also starts a quest. Once you are finished with the Docks head to Darktown. Observe The Enigma of Kirkwall as you enter from the west entrance. Find the Coterie Barker and get information on Javaris, then head to Smuggler’s Cut.

Enter the Smuggler's Cut and fight your way through the spiders inside.

Head into the opening and defeat the Carta then go west. Loot a pile of bones and continue north to find some Spiders. At the end of this path is a chest and a crate, now backtrack to the entrance. Go north through a small doorway to find a barrel and sack to the south, a corpse to the northeast. Follow the path west to another pile of bones and then into more Carta. Defeat them and open the crate then the chest - standard before moving north via the eastern path.

As you enter battle again you will find some silverite , don’t miss it. Past the Silverite is a pile of bones and past that to the southwest is more Carta members. Kill them to find a crate and deep mushroom in the unoccupied room. On the higher tier of the room is a chest containing Design: Rune of Nature Warding and a pile of bones . Backtrack and go north, looting the chest containing a Ship in a Bottle on the way to a new area.

Defeat the Mercenaries and talk to Javaris. You can kill him or let him live but afterwards head to the Side Alley in Kirkwall. The elf seems to have let the poison go loose already, grab a latch and plug one of the Gas Barrels.

During the fight, kill the enemies until one drops a latch. Grab it, locate a gas barrel and interact with it. Rinse and repeat four times!

Repeat this process and defeat the enemies that spawn each time until all four barrels are locked. After the scene defeat the fanatic and loot her corpse for Formula: Arcane Poison and The Brothers’ End . Loot the few crates that lie around then head to The Arishok.

After talking to the Arishok head to Viscount’s Keep and find the Viscount. The quest will complete and with grave news comes a new quest, 'Offered and Lost' .

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