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The first group of Side Quests is the Find and Deliver series. There are 13 different items that start a quest where you must return the item to the person that lost it. The references are merely that, you can find the exact location of the items in the walkthrough section.

Side-Quest Item Location
Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted Viscount’s Keep - Northwest Office
Locks of the Golden Fool The Chantry (Day) - Table on the Northern End.
Remains of the Outlaw “Bearded Beast’ The Bone Pit - Just South of the Entrance.
Shawl of Dalesdottir The Hanged Man - In a chest south of Varric’s room.
Map of Occupied Kirkwall Dalish Camp - In a crate near Master Ilen.
Eustice’s Pommel The Bone Pit - Halfway down the winding tunnels.
Grimoire of the Apprentice Sanctuary - Near the exit area.
Redblossom Special The Wounded Coast - Red crate in southernmost area.
Side-Quest Item Location
Remains of Sister Plinth Darktown - Near Danzig in the Abandoned Mines area.
Remains of the Outlaw “Half-Braid” Silsam Disused Passage (Docks) - Southernmost area
The Seal of House Talwain Sundermount Caverns - Crate south of the mountain graveyard exit.
Caste Treatise and House Accounting Dead Man’s Pass - Crate past Javaris’ Camp.
The Paragon’s Toe The Blooming Rose - Crate in northeast room.

The Conspirators
Requirements: Defended Vigil’s Keep in Dragon Age: Awakening OR Chose the “No Compromises” background

Speak with Sergeant Joanna in Lowtown to start the quest. The four conspirators that you are looking for are in:

  • Hightown at day
  • Blooming Rose
  • South east of the Docks near the Disused Passage
  • Sundermount, west of the Dalish Camp.
    You receive a total of 2g and 1600 experience for your troubles (50 silver and 400 experience per Noble).

Terror on the Coast
Requirements: Sophia Dryden lives in Dragon Age: Origins

Head up the northern part of The Wounded Coast until a man is fleeing from a group of Giant Spiders. Kill the spiders to start the quest then continue west. Defeat the spiders and mages as you move along into the camp area. At the end make your way south to find Sophia Dryden. Loot her corpse for Robe of Hidden Pockets and the quest is completed.

Find and defeat the group of mages and spiders.

Dark Epiphany
Requirements: Avernus is spared in Dragon Age: Origins

Enter The Wounded Coast and take the northern path until you find some Bandits guarding a Dead Messenger. Defeat the Bandits and loot the body for Avernus’s Experimental Draught , which grants two Attribute Points, and start the quest ‘Dark Epiphany’ . In addition you also loot the Grey Warden Letters which need to be taken to a Dead Drop near the Foundaries in Lowtown.

As you approach the drop point Mercenaries attack. Defeat them and complete the drop then head to Gamlen’s House. Check the Writing Desk for a letter and a reward.

Secret Rendezvous
Requirements: Save Amaranthine in Dragon Age: Origins OR Choose Hero of Ferelden or The Martyr background and Complete the ‘Fools Rush In’ quest

Find the Suspicious Lady in The Hanged Man. Agree to her request then head to The Docks at night. Head to the far east of town and go to the overhang so you can eavesdrop on the conversation then fight off the Ship Captains and Kirkwall Official. Search the bodies for Overlord Render then return to the Suspicious Lady to receive the Ring of the Archmage .

Kill the Captain and his crew on the docks and then return to the Suspicious Lady in the Hanged Man.

Last of His Line
Requirements: Bhelen takes the crown of Orzammar in Dragon Age: Origins OR Choose the Martyr background

Head to the south east corner of the Docks and help Lord Renvil Harrowmont out. Agree to aid him then head back up the steps. A Carta Lieutenant will approach you and ask you to kill Harrowmont instead of them, for quite a bit more coin. Agree and go kill Harrowmont or kill him and all the other Carta members in the Western Warehouse District. Harrowmont will only give one sovereign now but 5 and a chest piece later whilst the Carta will give three sovereign now and nothing later.

Changing One’s Nature
Requirements: Side with the Werewolves in Dragon Age: Origins OR Choose the No Compromise background.

Talk to Clara in the Dalish Camp to start this quest. It will make sense to do this quest in conjunction with Long Way Home since they both require you to traverse the entirety of the mountain. Across from Clara is an ingredient chest with the purified deathroot . Head down the western path until you spot the ingredient chest , open it for Alchemically Sealed Flask and kill the spiders that attack. In the large area before you reach the Sundermount Passage is an ingredient chest hiding behind some rocks, it holds the Twice-Distilled Quicksilver .

Make your way into the passage and through the caverns to the graveyard. Past the Altar to the east you will find the last ingredient task holding Ebon Rathleek . Return to Clara for your reward, The Trappaner’s Gift .

Miracle Makers
Requirements: Reveal the existance of Andraste’s Ashes in Dragon Age: Origins OR Choose The Martyr background

Head to Lowtown and find a group of people gathered in the Bazaar. After the man is done with his speech Sergeant Melindra approaches to clear them out. Talk to her to gain a new codex entry and a quest. Head to the Old City Slums and take out the Swindler then return to Sergeant Melindra, but don’t forget to loot the bodies for Stalker’s Boar Hides.

Take out the swindlers (left) and then return to Melindra (right) to turn in the quest.

Night Lies
You can start this quest by visiting Hightown at night and slaying the Guardsman Pretenders until you receive a message. Go to “The Barracks” on the east side of town to confront “Captain” Qerth and the rest of the gang. Loot the bodies for Palvo’s Cocksure Cleaver ; the quest is completed but there is a chest at the top of the steps. You can collect your reward at The Hanged Man from the lady.

Pier Pressure
You can start this quest by visiting The Docks at night and slaying the Redwater Raiders until you receive a message. Enter the Warehouse in the Western Warehouse District to confront Leech and his gang. Loot Leech for the Footpad’s Secret then search the area for two crates .

Enter the Warehouse and clear out Leech and his cronies to complete the quest.

Sharp Little Pinpricks
You can start this quest by visiting Lowtown at night and slaying the Sharps Highwaymen until you receive a message. Enter the Hovel on the east side of town to confront Ignacio Strand and his gang. Loot Ignacio for The Runt’s Spiker and Bloody Butcher’s Gloves then search the other rooms for a chest .

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