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Mine Massacre
Head over to The Bone Pit to start this quest. Take the southern path to find the High Dragon.

Boss: High Dragon

Drops .
Dragon’s Blood The Weight
High Dragon Fire Gland The Offhand Blade
Jackal’s Longbow Arms/Robes of the Champion
Nightingale’s Lamellar Armor Enchanted Light Gauntlets
Ashen Gauntlets Greater Amulet
Ring of the Emerald Knights Enchanted Resin
Resistances .
Cold Very Weak
Electric Normal
Fire Immune
Nature Normal
Spirit Normal
Abilities Immunities
Fire Spit Slow
Fire Breath Knockdown
Wing Buffet Immobilize
Roar Paralyze
Tail Swipe Enslavement
Stomp Sleep

This battle will be initiated as soon as you enter the area. For the most part you want to have no more than two melee for this fight and at least one healer. Have your tank initiate while you move the rest of the group into more formidable positions. The ranged should be as far back as possible and any melee should be attacking from the side, never the front or the direct back as to avoid taking damage from Fire Breath and Tail Swipes. The Roar ability will stun an unusually large area, be sure to keep Taunt ready for such occurrences.

The dragon will fight on both the ground (left) and from a perch in the centre of the area (right).

Every time the High Dragon loses 25% it will fly up to higher ground and perch. During the first perch phase Dragonlings will spawn, in the second phase more Dragonlings are spawned in addition to a Dragon. During the third and final perch phase, even more Dragonlings spawn as well as two Dragons.

During the perch phases you may strike the High Dragon with ranged attacks as it is the only way to bring her back down. She will shoot fireballs at the party from her location but they can be easily dodged.

To help minimize casualties make sure all party members can heal themselves regen their own mana/stamina. Micromanaging will be helpful, especially on the tank. Moving the tank in circles around the High Dragon will cause her to spend a lot of time repositioning herself, she isn’t agile. Do your best to play defensively as opposed to offensively and you should be able to take down the High Dragon.

Talk to Hubert in Hightown to complete the quest.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Dragon Slayer

Found and killed a high dragon.

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Herbalist’s Tasks
If you managed to slay the High Dragon head over to the Gallows and talk to Solivitus. Give him the fire gland in exchange for Urzara’s Tooth.

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