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Dragon Age II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 24-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-05-2020 / 04:11 GMT

Dragon Age II Guide

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A Murder of Crows (Optional)

Requirements: If you imported a Dragon Age: Origins file, Zevran must be alive

Head to Hightown and find Nuncio outside The Blooming Rose. Agree to aid him then head to Sundermount. Defeat the thieves and disarm the trap - complex , then search the bodies for Sylvanwood Ring . Further west you will find The Awiergan Scrolls: Third Aspect , grab it and enter the camp. Talk to Variel to find the Antivan is up in the mountain cave. Check out the shop before going up after the Antivan.

Speak to Variel (left) to find the next target area is the Mountain Cave (right).

Master Ilen's Wares

Item Price
Truebow 11g 34s 00c
Gloves of June 10g 67s 42c
Windstrider Boots 9g 48s 15c
Sash of the Halla 9g 24s 00c
Rune of Nature Warding 51s 00c

Head to the northwest and defeat the Darkspawn that are along the path. Enter the passage where the Darkspawn were and head north to find some bones . Keep north to find more bones in the next room, but in the hallway you meet some resistance. Continue to the far east and loot Roadhammer from the bones then enter the middle circular area. Loot the corpse for Vir Atish'an then check out the Nexus Golem's Wares.

Nexus Golem's Wares

Item Price
Sundering 27g 03s 00c
Absolution 38g 34s 00c
Bardin's Folly 105g 05s 00c
Belt of Woven Elf Hair 25g 74s 00c
Leave the Dungeon and head north, before you reach the end of the path check the **pile of bones** for **Design: Rune of Valiance** . Defeat the Wasp Spiders then enter the Mountain Cave.

Take the southern path to its end to find a corpse and chest - complex then head back to the entrance. In the middle area disarm the trap - master and fight off the spiders that attack. Loot the pile of bones for the Boiled Leather Plates then head north. Release the traps and check the alcove for a crate before heading west.

Search the pile of bones at the base of the steps for a Sylvanwood Ring then continue west along the path until you reach a very open area. Here you will fight the Varterral again. Kill it and loot the piles of treasure for Righteous Rain and Ring of the Shadow Hunter.

Move through the Mountain Cave, killing enemies as you go (left). Eventually you will encounter another varterral (right).

Talk to Zevran and either choose to take him in or let him go. Head to the Antivan Camp and you are forced to fight the Crows. If you let Zevran go he will fight alongside you, if not then he can only watch.

Loot the chest - standard and b arrel for Proving Battle Tunic . There are some other items along the southern path but it's all miniscule. Talk to Zevran after the battle and if you freed him initially he will give you Finesse .

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