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Before you head out be sure to check out the rest of Lowtown. Head to the Elven Alienage to the northeast for a codex update then read the book on the Alienage Culture found near the large tree. If you head back south where you found Samson at night time you will find Spindleweed in a corner. North of here in the Foundry District is a pile of rubble waiting to be looted. With loose ends tied up, venture back to Hightown and speak with Hubert.

Agree to investigate the situation at The Bone Pit then leave Hightown and go to The Bone Pit. Check the rubble then the “Bearded Beast” Arintal’s Remains to start a quest. Follow the path until you come across a band of Looters. Defeat them and search the corpse and barrel then look south for a pile of bones and The Bone Pit marker. Further east is another pile of bones and a book about Nevarra . Continue east then north at the split to find a crate . Go south to find The Enigma of Kirkwall, elfroot , and some rubble . Return to the central area and loot the barrel before entering The Bone Pit Mines.

Enter the Bone Pit Mines and fight your way through the dragonlings inside.

The party is thrust into combat against several Dragonling and a Dragon. Defend yourself then loot the pile of bones , inspect the refined lyrium , and loot some rubble . Progress south up the steps, be sure to loot the crate as you go. Defeat the Dragon and Dragonlings at the top of the steps and check the rubble and sack for a Helm of Victory . Continue upwards defeating the continuous flow of Dragonlings. Loot the sack in the open area for Eustice’s Pommel to start a quest. On the second tier of this area is a deep mushroom , be sure to pick it up before marching onward.

At the top more Dragonling strike, once defeated progress to the rubble to find a Gallows Slave Finger-Cuffs . A little further and the group runs into a survivor. After speaking with him check the upper ledge for a pile of bones and a crate with more Gallows Slave Finger-Cuffs . Move out to The Bone Pit Ledge once you are ready for a fight.

Boss: Mature Dragon

Drops .
Dragon’s Fang Swarm
The March of Thunder Belt of the Chastened
Resistances .
Cold Very Weak
Electric Normal
Fire Immune
Nature Normal
Spirit Normal
Abilities Immunities
Fire Spit Slow
Fire Breath Knockdown
Wing Buffet Immobilize
Roar Paralyze
Tail Swipe Knockback

This battle will be initiate as soon as you enter the area. For the part you want to have no more than two melee for this fight and at least one healer. Have your tank initiate while you move the rest of the group in to more formidable positions. The ranged should be as far back as possible and any melee should be attacking from the side, never the front or the direct back as to avoid taking damage from Fire Breath and Tail Swipes. The Roar ability will stun an unusually large area, be sure to keep Taunt ready for such occurrences. If things start to go wrong you can always kite the Dragon around the area while the ranged do damage. Heal when necessary and keep focused on avoiding damage to make short work of your first dragon.

Defeat the mature dragon and then hand in the quest back in Hightown.

After the battle loot the Mature Dragon and then the nearby rubble for a Helm of Victory . Return to Hubert and agree to join in on the mining business to immediately start the quest ‘Get Back to Work’ .

Get Back to Work
This quest is simple enough, head to Lowtown and seek out the miners. Once you find them, convince them to return to work.

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