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Dragon Age II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 24-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-05-2020 / 05:05 GMT

Dragon Age II Guide

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Act I

Long Way Home

Design: Rune of Fire Warding Gloves of the Spiral Eye
Design: Rune of Lightning Last Descent Gauntlets
Elven Light Helm Pure Ironbark
Gauntlet of the Fallen
Arcane Horror Mercenary Archer
Corpse Mercenary Assassin
Corrupted Spider Mercenary Commander
Giant Spider Shade
Ginnis Shadow Warrior
Hurlock Skeletal Archer
Hurlock Bolter Tal-Vashoth
Codex Entries
I: The Last Descent L: Arlathan: Part 1
P: Geography of Thedas L: Arlathan: Part 2
P: Sundermount L: Silverite
P: The Wounded Coast L: Mana and the Use of Magic
L: The Dalish Elves L: The Maker's First Children
L: Vallaslin: Blood Writing L: Glitterdust
L: The Tale of Iloren
Available Side-Quests
Welcome Home The Unbidden Rescue
Herbalist's Tasks Nice Crime You Have Around Here

Head off to Sundermount and follow the path until confronted by a group of Giant Spiders. Defeat them and head south at the junction to find an elfroot . Continue west to enter the Dalish Camp and meet Keeper Marethari. Agree to aid her and then start searching the camp. You should find books and notes on the Vallaslin: Blood Writing , Geography of Thedas , The Tale of Iloren , and Arlathan: Part One . Behind the shop is a crate containing the Map of Occupied Kirkwall . Be sure to check out the Clan Craftmaster wares.

Clan Craftmaster

Item Price
Longtouch 5g 67s 00c
Boots of the Isolationist 4g 70s 92c
Dirthamen's Secret 2g 08s 50c
Rune of Nature 50s 40c
Head up the path to meet Merrill when your business is completed. Speak with her then continue up the path where you are confronted by a group of Corpses and Skeleton Archers. AS you make your way up the mountainside you will run into a Dalish Hunter. Search the **sack** and find a somewhat hidden **elfroot** then go to the Sundermount Caverns.

After meeting Merrill, continue into the Sundermount Caverns.

Move forward and defeat the Giant Spiders. Move into the alcove to the west and search the rubble for the Last Descent Gauntlets / Gloves of the Spiral Eye / Gauntlets of the Fallen . Continue down the path but don't miss the silverite at the bottom of the steps. When you can see the entrance to the Mountain Graveyard ignore it and instead go north to a crate containing The Seal of House Talwain . Approach the steps and defeat the Corrupted Spiders that attack, then head up and fight off the undead that spawn. Once clear, open the chest - simple for a variety of items.

Head to the Mountain Graveyard now, head north to find a pile of bones . Approach the Barrier and Merrill will use Blood Magic to remove it. If you support the use of Blood Magic then Anders and Bethany will take a Rivalry hit, otherwise you gain Friendship. Follow the path to a deep mushroom and then towards the Altar. An Arcane Horror will spawn as well as various other undead creatures. Looting the dead will result in a Ring of the Magister . Once completed approach the Altar.

Have Merrill disable the barrier (left) and then approach the alter for a fight (right).

Continue east after the scene and disarm the trap - simple , then defeat the Revenant. As you go north you'll find a chest and chest - standard with an Elven Light Helm inside. Further north you will find a pile of bones with the Design: Rune of Lightning inside. As the path ends there is a Sundermount monument and a Barrier that will summon a Shadow Warrior and some Shades when touched -- loot this Shadow Warrior for the Arm of Adruil then return to the camp.

Welcome Home This quest starts as soon as you finish the previous one. Like other Companion Quests, this is simply a conversation to gain Friendship or Rivalry. Before you leave read the books on Arlathan: Part 2 and Mana and the Use of Magic . In the other room you'll find The Maker's First Children .

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