Village Proper - First depart for the south-most portion of the map into The Ashensand to loot 2x Platinum Casino Ticket . Then head for The Ashensand’s beach in the north portion of the map. A bit east from the school building is a hard-to-see concealed item floating in the air. Use R1 to reveal it and bag AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Graviton Core Zeta (01/09) + 500CP !

Graviton Core Zeta (left). 'Hometown' Gate Seal location (on top of the roots) (right)

And now for more blasted spacetime distortions:

a) A concealed spacetime distortion in Vanille’s house has 6 rounds of Crystal Bonds. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Dishonest Mille-feuille (02/09) + 800CP !

b) The spacetime distortion north from Vanille’s house has 5 rounds of Crystal Bonds. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Bittersweet Chiffon (03/09) + 800CP !

c) The spacetime distortion in the clearing west from Vanille’s house has 2 rounds of Tile Trials. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Tremulous Muffin (04/09) + 800CP !

d) A spacetime distortion northwest from the big tree has 3 rounds of Tile Trials. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Farewell Madeleine (05/09) + 800CP !

e) A spacetime distortion west from the stairs leading to the beach has 4 rounds of Crystal Bonds. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Selfish Pancake (06/09) + 800CP !

f) The spacetime distortion near the bottom of the stairs leading to the beach has 6 rounds of Hands of Time. A scene plays after completing stage 6… Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Pink Parfait (07/09) + 1000CP !

g) The spacetime distortion along the beach in the northeast has 3 rounds of Hands of Time. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Beloved Cinnamon (08/09) + 800CP ! Next, go to the roof of the school and follow Mog’s glowing bobble. Press R1 near his position to reveal a spacetime distortion.

h) A concealed spacetime distortion on top of the school has 3 rounds of Hands of Time. Your reward is AF400 OERBA FRAGMENT - Teatime Mont Blanc (09/09) + 800CP ! A visit to AF??? Serendipity’s chocobo mystic yielded me the Monster Collector and Chocobo Music fragment skills.

Raspatil is a rare enemy that spawns in the Ashensand’s beach area. Defeating this foe in Normal Mode awards you the Fair Fighter trophy. It doesn’t matter what your * ranking is, just pulverize the foe.

Enemy Tips :

The start of battle is fairly weak - Raspatil pops some small spells, and its physical attack can’t reach you if you’re far away. Debuff Raspatil with Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil to gain a good footing and then focus your attention on your foe’s Chain Gauge.

Eventually Raspatil summons the first wave of up to 4 sidekicks (Vampire, Varcolaci, and Wladislaus). It starts with mostly Varcolaci, then a mix of Vampire and Varcolaci, and in the end mostly Wladislaus.

Wipe the floor with them as soon as you can, or they will be absorbed into the healing orb Raspatil deployed. The more sidekicks that orb absorbs, the more HP Raspatil recovers and the stronger incoming Aleph Zero attacks becomes. Do note that Raspatil’s attacks become stronger with each reinforcement wave as well.

When the Aleph Zero caption appears, switch to SEN/SEN/SEN to reduce the damage, then heal yourself and stagger Raspatil. Raise its Chain Gauge with RAV/RAV/COM and COM/COM/COM combinations until the second reinforcement wave appears. Kill them all or let them be absorbed into the orb, but don’t neglect Raspatil’s Chain Gauge for too long. You want to have it staggered for the second time ASAP. When that happens, dismiss the foe, and then clean up any stragglers afterwards.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Fair Fighter

Defeated a powerful enemy on equal terms.

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