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Final Fantasy XIII-2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 24-02-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 31-03-2020 / 15:54 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Episode 3-A

AF200 | Oerba

At this time the Crystarium should have been expanded four times.

Hint: Make sure to unlock Serah’s SAB role and learn the Poison spell ASAP. It’s very useful for taking down some tough enemies and bosses. A good leveling spot is The Pass of Paddra in the dark area where Feral Behemoths exclusively appear (if you are suitably levelled to defeat one with relative ease). One drops 300 CP, 360 gil, and you can get a good monster with Feral Link (Feral Behemoth is a poor COM with slow attack speed). Serah learns Poison once her SAB role is lv9.

Use Moogle Hunt here (left). Vanille's house looks a little different than what we remember, but still pretty much the same. You may even recognise a familiar thing inside (right).

The Ashensand

Walk forward, jump the gap in the road and press R1 near the dark space to reveal a spacetime distortion, leading into a Temporal Rift with Crystal Bonds. In this type of labyrinth, you will be shown a star system of a monster or object from the world of FFXIII-2. Stand in a spot where a crystal is, then hold X and connect the crystal with one of the connecting crystals. At the time of being connected both crystals have to be of the same color. And some crystals are connected to more than one crystal, which causes them to switch colors.

Since this is just a warm up, the Crystal Bonds are not hard to connect, but they get progressively harder the further you are in the game. Complete this puzzle to get AF200 OERBA FRAGMENT - Time’s Stardust (01/05) + 300CP!

Village Proper

Continue down the road into Village Proper, open the treasure sphere for 2x Gysahl Greens , turn west at the crossroads and in the dead end open another treasure sphere for a Power Wristband . Go back to the previous treasure sphere and drop down the ledge through the opening in the stone fence. Proceed southeast, then around the house (this used to be Vanille’s house if you played FFXIII) .Now you can go down the slope on the right, or enter the plaza in front of the house. Go to the plaza, and close to your left is a small set of stairs leading inside the house. On the lower level you can nab a treasure sphere with the Map of Oerba , and on top of the stairs collect a treasure cube with the 'Visions' Gate Seal (enables Time Reversal on AF010 Yaschas Massif).

Chocolina’s shop

Northwest from Vanille’s house is Chocolina’s shop - she has some new accessories, and new special items.

Category Items
Accessory Delicate Power Wristband, Durable Power Wristband, Delicate Magician's Mark, Durable Magician's Mark, Delicate Metal Armband, Delicate Serenity Sachet, Delicate Star Pendant, Delicate Pearl Necklace, Delicate Warding Talisman
Special Delicate Hypnocrown, Fairy Wings, Red Propeller, Headdress of Courage, Youthful Parasol, Sentimental Parasol, Gold Padlock, Crimson Flower, Pink Flower, Purple Flower, White Tree, Festive Tree

Use another Moogle Hunt here (left). And here you can find the final Moogle Hunt object (right).

Approach the dark space on the side of the plaza and press R1 at the spot with Moogle’s glowing bobble to reveal the next spacetime distortion. Complete two stages of Crystal Bonds to get AF200 OERBA FRAGMENT - Time’s Shell (02/05) + 300CP ! Now circle around the house next to Chocolina to find a treasure sphere with a Magician’s Mark . Turn around and then go up the slope to your left in order to proceed west to the tree (here you can find a treasure sphere with 550 gil ), then turn right and go downstairs.

Moogle’s bobble lights up near the dark space and another spacetime distortion is revealed. Complete three stages of Crystal Bonds to get AF200 OERBA FRAGMENT - Time’s Coral (03/05) + 300CP !

Go downstairs to enter a sandy passage (nab 3x Cie’th Tear ) leading to the stairs, which point north towards the beach. Nearby is the shiny gate in Village Proper, and southwest from the shiny gate is a set of stairs leading to a concealed treasure sphere with a Hypnocrown . Go down to the beach of The Ashensand, collect the Librascope , and walk alongside the beach to the Deserted Schoolhouse.

Ascend the stairs, cashing in 600 gil from a treasure sphere along the way, and on the rooftop examine the pedestal with the strange multi-sided cube on it.

Have these paradigms among your chosen ones:

  1. SAB/RAV/SEN (SEN as Pulsework Soldier)


  3. MED/MED/MED (MED as Cait Sith)

  4. COM/COM/COM (COM as Behemoth)



Boss Battle: Caius Ballad (Oerba)


A very tough guy to take down, indeed. At the start of the battle, Caius fortifies himself with Reraise (which cannot be dispelled). He can also produce a mass of buffs on himself, and gain Regen (which cannot be dispelled).

Start with setup and keep pelting the guy with Poison until it sticks, then add Deprotect as well. Switch to setup and pour magic damage until he is staggered. Switch to setup at this time for some mega damage. At this time Caius is likely to put Bravery, Faith and Regen on himself, but just ignore it and continue the assault for victory!

Damn stinkbomb - no CP or gil? Behind you collect the Artefact of Origins , which activates the shiny gate in Village Proper, near the stairway to the beach. Answer the Live Trigger: (The paradox is solved and an artefact has appeared. But questions still remain…), then drop down through the destroyed window. Pop open the treasure sphere with 10x Power Bolt , and now return to the shiny gate. Chocobo riding has also been enabled!

PARADOX ENDING - After you beat the game, visit the Serendipity timeline. Enter the left-most building and talk to the girl dressed as a chocobo to unlock Paradox Scope fragment skill. MAKE SURE TO TURN IT ON! Use Time Reversal on AF200 Oerba timeline and proceed to the place where you fought Caius. When you begin the battle, the words "PARADOX SCOPE" appear on screen, and you fight a stronger version of the boss. Defeat him for the paradox ending (02/08).

Examine the shiny gate to use the Artefact of Origins for a Live Trigger: (Noel is upset about Yeul. He wonders why I don’t ask him about her. What should I say to him?) and off you go. The gate unlocks the AF01X Yaschas Massif timeline. You also get a Live Trigger reward upon leaving for the Historia Crux. At this time the Crystarium will be expanded for the fifth time.

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