Boss Fight: Chaos Bahamut

Chaos Bahamut is a rather… chaotic battle. It alternates between two modes of combat; close-quarters and long range. It starts in close-quarters. It will swipe at your characters a few times, or spits out Inferno, for Area of Effect flame damage. Then it changes to flying mode during which it can deploy one of three attacks - Obliterating Breath, Pulsar Burst, or Megaflare (which also inflicts big wound damage). If you are familiar with Bahamut from previous Final Fantasies, you will know that Megaflare should be feared. You will definitely need to be in a triple SEN paradigm for that attack.

At the start of battle, manually command Serah to launch Deprotect until it sticks, and then switch to to finish off this battle.

Start round 2!

Boss Battle: Caius Ballad (Final)

Caius gains a new attack which debuffs one character with Curse, Deprotect, Deshell, Poison and Daze. The old pals are still there, including the ability to insta-remove any accumulated Chain Gauge making him hard to stagger, as well as remove debuffs and buffing himself a lot. He’s also immune to Provoke in this round. Serah’s SAB role with Poison, Deprotect and Deshell will be a good choice for this battle. His AI will also play to your favour because until he loses about half HP, he’ll attack one character only. After he half of his reserves are depleted, he starts to get really nasty by releasing Area of Effect attacks that inflict Wound Damage. In times of need bust out .

Start round 3! When the battle starts, press Start, pick the 1st choice, then the 1st choice again, and finally, the 1st choice to be returned to the main menu. After you leave it, you continue just before round 3. Change your paradigms like this:

  1. SEN/SEN/SEN (Pulsework Soldier/Silver Chocobo)

  2. MED/MED/MED (Flanitor)

  3. COM/COM/COM (Chichu/Dragoon)

  4. RAV/RAV/COM (Chichu/Dragoon)

  5. SAB/RAV/SEN (Pulsework Soldier/Silver Chocobo)

  6. SAB/MED/SEN (Pulsework Soldier/Silver Chocobo): default paradigm

Boss Fight: Caius Ballad (Final - Part 2)

Caius gains a new attack which debuffs one chr with Curse, Deprotect, Deshell, Poison and Daze. The old pals are still there, including the ability to insta-remove accumulated CG making him hard to stagger, as well as remove debuffs and buff self a lot. He’s not immune to Provoke, though. But he can cast Ultima? Serah’s SAB role with Poison, Deprotect and Deshell will be good choice for this battle. Your monster SEN will attract a lot of boss hate, hehe - it will be healed by Noel, while Serah debuffs Caius or removes his buffs. Try to always keep Poison active - that way you keep boss’ Regen at bay.

When boss’ CG is at about 150% and he’s in middle of launching an attack, switch to and attempt to quickly stagger him. If you succeed, you pretty much have this battle in the bag. Ideally, and would be all you need to win this battle. But wait, he revives? Oh well, just take his HPs down one more time.

The final round. This is a tough one, especially on the first try so keep your wits about you!

Final Boss Battle: Garnet Bahamut / Amber Bahumat / Jet Bahumat / Ebon Seed

One of two Bahamuts in the frontline sports constant Protect and Shell, and the other sports constant Bravery and Haste (you can’t dispel them, cos they’re immune to Dispel). Until you defeat both Amber and Garnet, you can’t touch Jet Bahamut in the backline. Now about their attacks - Gold mainly annoys you with status changes (Deprotect, Curse, Deshell) and minor Wound Damage, while Red swipes in front of it (if you’re far enough, it’ll miss completely), and tosses wind and fire magic. Check to see which Bahamut has Bravery and Haste, and target that Bahamut. Inflict Deprotect at least, then switch to to Stagger it, and to finish it off.

When both Bahamuts fall, the Purple one steps on the scene. First it launches some stink cloud which debuffs everybody it hits with Slow, Poison and Curse. Remove these with , and then connect to to add Poison on the sucker, while your monster SEN draws the attacks. Purple Bahamut has AOE attacks (similar to those of the Paco bosses), can call reinforcements in forms of some crystals, and can summon a gigantic sword that falls on the battlefield. When the boss charges up for its Gigaflare attack (countdown captions appear), switch to to greatly reduce the damage.

Eventually, Purple retreats to the backline and one of the two frontline Bahamuts you defeated comes back for another asskicking. It’s possible that the other frontline Bahamut is also revived if you don’t destroy the current one quickly enough. Simply repeat what you did before and you will be victorious.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Obtained the highest possible result in the battle to determine the fate of the world.

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Enjoy the ending credits.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Epic Finisher

Followed the story to its conclusion.

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You will earn the Paradox Scope for beating the game. This allows you to view alternative endings to pivotal scenes in the game.

Visit AF??? Serendipity, enter the leftmost house and talk to the chocobo girl to unlock the 14th fragment skill Paradox Scope (enables access to several paradox endings). Here are all fragment skills:

  1. Mog’s Manifestation (available from the start of Episode 4)

  2. Mobile Mog (collect all fragments in Oerba timelines, paradox ending included)

  3. Bargain Hunter (available from the start of Episode 6)

  4. Haggler (available from the start of Episode 4)

  5. Chocobo Music (collect all fragments in the Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter categories including those for the Archylte Steppe bosses)

  6. Anti-Grav Jump (available from the start of Episode 6)

  7. Field Killer (collect all the fragments in the Academia Reward and Great Mog Wisdom categories)

  8. Monster Collector (collect all fragments from the Vile Peaks timelines)

  9. Encounter Master (collect all fragments from the Yaschas Massif timelines)

  10. Battlemania (obtain all fragments for completing 100% of all maps)

  11. Rolling in CP (collect all fragments from Yaschas Massif timelines, and all fragments from Bresha Ruins timelines)

  12. Eyes of the Goddess (collect all fragments from AF003 New Bodhum, AF005m Bresha Ruins, AF010 Yaschas Massif, AF01X Yaschas Massif, AF200 Oerba and AF300 Sunleth Waterscape)

  13. Clock Master (obtain all 160 fragments)

  14. Paradox Scope (beat the game)


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