Location of the service manual (left). Technician's Location (right).

The next red sphere is also in The Paddraean Archaeopolis, near the ramp leading to the statue. Talk to it (the name’s Abraham) for the next quest. You need to teach somebody about how to properly operate the searchlights. Hoof it to Hope’s tent and inside reveal the cube to bag the Service Manual . The person you need to give the manual to is on the elevated ledge in The Pass of Paddra, northeast from the searchlights area. Use a chocster to get access to the ledge, talk to the Technical Engineer for a Live Trigger (Triangle) and receive the Technician’s Note . With the note in hand return to Abraham to claim AF110 YASCHAS MASSIF FRAGMENT - Waltraute’s Flower (02/06) + 500CP !

The next red sphere (the name’s Annaud) is on top of the ramp above Hope’s tent in The Paddraean Archaeopolis. She gives you a quest to find some proof of existence of a rebellious organization. The Terrorist’s Mark is hidden in a concealed cube near the biggest ground crack in the searchlight area in The Pass of Paddra. With the mark, return to Annaud to claim AF110 YASCHAS MASSIF FRAGMENT - Ortlinde’s Bloom (03/06) + 500CP !

Location of the terrorist's mark

A spacetime distortion has now appeared in the southwest corner of the map. Enter it, clear four stages of Hands of Time puzzles and claim AF110 YASCHAS MASSIF FRAGMENT - Book of Avalon (04/06) + 500CP !

Ugallu begins the battle by using Roar, giving itself many beneficial status effects. It will then begin attacking the party, alternating between physical attacks and Virulent Breath, which will inflict many status ailments on the party. It helps to have status ailment removal of some kind and Dispel.

Next, talk to the red sphere next to Chocolina’s in The Pass of Paddra, and the name’s Paddra (spoiler). She wants you to kill a beast roaming around the searchlight area in The Pass of Paddra. When Ugallu has been defeated, bag AF110 YASCHAS MASSIF FRAGMENT - Ugallu Fragment (05/06) + 2000CP ! The final fragment for this area can’t be obtained yet, so exit to the Historia Crux..

Boss Tips :

At the start of battle Ugallu uses Roar and buffs himself with Haste, Bravery, Faith, Protect, Shell and Veil. A maxed Chichu is a good option here - Chichu has Haste, Bravery and Faith feeder and when it attacks Ugallu, these buffs transfer from Ugallu to Chichu. Ugallu also has a dangerous attack, Virulent Breath, with which it adds a slew of debuffs: Poison, Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, Defaith, and Curse. When that happens, switch to a Yakshini paradigm so that a couple of debuffs get lifted with Bravega and Faithga, then remove the rest with Esuna. You can also use a Unicorn’s Horn to remove all debuffs at once.

Remove Ugallu’s Protect and Shell by casting Deprotect and Deshell and then inflict these debuffs (Dispel will not work since Ugallu is immune to Dispel). Then start working on its Chain Gauge and drive it over the edge. Once staggered, it’s only a matter of time to kill it.


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