Echoes of the Past - Serah looks pretty with snow all over her. And Mog is hilarious with his big red nose, lol. Grab a red chocobo ahead, and then use it to jump over a stone fence in the area to the right. Grab the cube with the ‘Labyrinth’ Gate Seal that unlocks Time Reversal in AF300 Bresha Ruins.

The recording device location (left). The Commander's location (right).

Talk to Jonah, the scientist on the stairs for a retrieval quest - the Recording Device is within a concealed treasure cube in the northwest corner of Echoes of the Past. Return it to Jonah for AF300 BRESHA RUINS FRAGMENT - Platinum Ring (01/04) + 400CP !

Enter the underground area in the middle of the map and talk to Thurston, the scientist here for a quest. He wants you to talk to the Commander, one of the soldiers walking around in the pillars area. Once you get the Commander’s Report , return to Thurston for AF300 BRESHA RUINS FRAGMENT - Mythril Ring (02/04) + 400CP !

Brant's location (left). Location of the Silver Petal (right).

Head to the northeast corner of the map to Lamentable Rest to find a “concealed” man, then reveal him, and talk to Lex for a quest. He wants you to talk to another man Brant, who can be found in the middle underground area of Echoes of the Past in the middle of the map. You’ll have to answer several Live Triggers before he hands over the required item - Live Trigger (Square), Live Trigger (X) and Live Trigger (Circle). You get My Buddy’s Message - bring it back to Lex for AF300 BRESHA RUINS FRAGMENT - Iridium Ring (03/04) + 400CP ! And he also leaves behind the last WILD ARTEFACT (10/10), woot woot!

Go further east and examine the flower to pluck the Silver Petal . Near the monument is a teddy bear which you can examine, but not take at the moment. Finally, check the small clearing to find a crystal gate. East from the gate is a Unicorn Horn . Activate the crystal gate with a Wild Artefact to unlock the AF110 Yaschas Massif timeline. Enter AF005 Bresha Ruins for now.


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