Beaten Path - Mog is totally unavailable for a while. Walk west for a scene with Noel and Behemoth, then east for a scene with Noel and Caius. Now go up a small set of stairs to the northeast and open the treasure sphere for a Pain Dampener , then talk to Caius for a scene with Noel, and then Mog comes back (enabling Moogle Hunt again). Go southeast to enter The Farseers’ Settlement with a lot of shadows of the people - if you use R1 next to the person’s shadow, that person falls to the ground and disappears. It does not do anything to the story so you can press it all you like.

Behemoth steaks, anyone? (left) Concealed treasure with the map inside (right).

About 20 steps from entering the settlement you should spot a concealed sphere floating in the air. Use R1 nearby and loot it for the Map of Dying World . Take a look at the map and it’s basically separated into three segments - left, middle and right segments.

  • The top part of the left segment is called Abyssal Fissure, and the bottom part of the left segment is called The Black Sands.
  • The Top part of the middle segment is called The Sandy Highlands, the middle part is called The Dead Sands, and the bottom part is The Border.
  • And for the right segment: to the east of The Border is the passage called Beaten Path. Going southeast takes you to The Farseers’ Settlement, and to the north is The Farseers’ Relic.
Category Items
Weapons Trollspike [Chain Bonus lv3], Shellbreaker [Chain Bonus lv3], Angel’s Bow [ATB rate +35%], Nomad’s Machete [ATB rate +35%]
Accessories Pain Dampener, White Cape, Obsidian Choker

Shortly before exiting the village a shadow of Noel is standing around (Mog’s bobble will light up as well). Use Moogle Hunt to reveal him and get him moving into the next scene, and then try addressing the girl Noel spoke to for another scene. Afterwards go southeast for a scene with Noel and Caius…

Boss Battle: Caius Ballad (Dying World)

You control only Noel against the boss. He retains pretty much the same moves as from first battle, and gains the ability to instantly remove accumulated CG, making it hard to achieve Stagger. Because the boss only has 5000 HP, winning this battle isn’t hard at all.

After the battle go south to a large clearing and check behind the walls to find 1500 gil . Proceed to the north towards The Farseers’ Relic … as you go there, be on the lookout for a set of stairs to your right leading to a treasure sphere with a White Cape . Continue north, and still keep an eye out for a treasure cube behind a stone fence to the right - it contains the ‘Promises’ Gate Seal (unlocks Time Reversal in AF4XX Academia).

Once at The Farseers’ Relic, hug the wall to the right and once it ends, make a hard turn towards the southeast to find a part of a stone fence hiding 8x Power Essence . Now get to that monument for a scene with Noel and a girl.

Afterwards both Noel and Serah are warped to The Border, the lower part of the middle section of Dying World, and they start at the southeast edge. Note that Moogle Hunt is disabled again.

Get close to Noel for the first time to be warped to The Dead Sands, and then two more times to finally be warped to The Sandy Highlands, where you end up next to Chocolina’s shop. Restock if you need and approach Noel for a boss fight!

Boss Battle: Gogmagog (Round 3)

A peculiar boss, that needs to be annihilated for the final time. It will put debuffs on itself, which include Deshell, Defaith, Debrave, Fog, Deprotect and Pain. After it suffers from all that stuff, it uses a skill that clears all debuffs from itself and gives them to you! Plus it can also heal itself.

Answer the Live Trigger: (My life spoiler each time I see the spoiler. What should I say to Noel?), and collect AF700 DYING WORLD FRAGMENT - Gogmagog Fragment Gamma (01/04) + 15000CP ! Another Live Trigger Cube appears near your location, so loot it for a prize.

Golden Chocobo location.

Go south to The Dead Sands and check the alcove to the west (it looks like a pointing human hand) to discover an Obsidian Choker . Now go south and keep the rock wall to your right until you reach a concealed treasure cube. Reveal it to get the Golden Chocobo ! Now go east to find another treasure, which surrenders 10x Vitality Essence after checking it out.

Go to The Farseers’ Relic in order to examine the pedestal, then talk to the moogle for more info. Mog’s functions have been fully restored! Go back to The Farseers’ Settlement - directly west from where Noel fought Caius, you can find a set of stairs with a dumpster next to them. Use Moogle Throw at the treasure sphere behind the barrier to lay claim to a Phoenix Down . Go back to The Farseers’ Relic and step into the spacetime distortion.


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