Central Bridge

Quite a vast improvement over the hellhole we had to walk through several hours back… if you somehow missed getting the Map of Academia in the previous timeline, you can get it again by examining the orange panel bit north from your position.

Category Item
Accessories Delicate General’s Belt, Durable General’s Belt, Delicate Witch’s Bracelet, Durable Witch’s Bracelet

Information about the 13th Ark (left). Hidden Wild Artefact in this corner (right).

Fiddle with the nearby orange terminal for a scene about the 13th Ark.

Now for the treasure hunting! Go to the south end of Central Bridge and check in the west dead end to locate 3x Casino Ticket . Next, explore the Alley area’s twists and turns to find four treasure spheres containing: 8x Power Orb (north, northeast), Guardian Amulet (west), Watchman’s Amulet (southeast), Mark of the l’Cie (northeast). In the southeast corner of the Alley look for a concealed image of something floating in the air. Press R1 to reveal the hidden item and then nab the WILD ARTEFACT (06/10).

Northeast from the Alley is Grand Avenue Square which has no treasures, and going north into Grand Avenue Palace of Dreams leads to a super-concealed treasure sphere surrounded with a ring. Such treasures cannot be opened yet, since you require the upgraded version of Moogle Hunt. The ability is obtained by progressing the storyline.

Go west from Grand Avenue Square to enter Grand Avenue. Going north leads to two points of interest; Chocolina’s shop and a crystal gate. Peek in the store west from Chocolina’s location to loot Gold Gear . Then in the Grand Avenue area climb some stairs leading to a catwalk with a treasure sphere containing an Auric Amulet . And shortly before exiting west from Grand Avenue check one of the two shops on the side to find 1200 gil .

Now head for the west section of Academia to enter New Town from the east. Follow my directions precisely, please! Ignore going left, turn right, turn left, loot the treasure sphere near the stairs for 8x Power Engine . Go upstairs, turn left, go upstairs, swipe 1050 gil . Go downstairs, turn left, go downstairs, turn right, go down the escalator, turn right and locate the concealed treasure sphere near two boxes.Reveal it with R1 to win Phoenix Blood . Turn south, ignore the escalator, ignore the first turn to the left, take the second turn left and pocket 2000 gil from a treasure sphere. Turn around, turn right, turn right, go up the escalator, turn right, turn right, turn right and bag the last treasure sphere in this area for a Phoenix Down .

For an extra scene go to the large platform in the northeast corner of Central Bridge and examine the concealed image of a gate. Also, please ignore any quiz terminals you come across. I’ll cover their questions and answers in a later part of the guide. If you wanna go bonkers, I won’t stop you, though.

Academia's HQ (left). Monster Professor quest description (right).

Navigate the city all the way to the north, pop open the treasure sphere for a Gold Casino Ticket , and enter the large building into the Entrance. Inside, toss the moogle at the treasure cube behind the counter to get the ‘Facts’ Gate Seal (unlocks Time Reversal in AF200 Augusta Tower). Then look for a man with white hair, a gray-white sweater, and blue jeans. Talk to Dr. M to initiate the quest of completing your Bestiary. Defeat at least one copy of every enemy in the game to obtain the fragment (DLC foes do not count). This is a mammoth task so refer to the bestiary for a reference on enemies.

Captain Cryptic's first location (left). Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz. This quest is evil. EVIL! (right)

Also inside the Entrance area look for a concealed image of a man - use Moogle Hunt nearby to reveal a man named “Captain Cryptic” (if you played FFXIII, you’ll recognize him as being Lightning’s captain, Amodar).

Talk to him to initiate CAPTAIN CRYPTIC’S CONFOUNDING QUIZ. Answer correctly to get a fragment…or fail like I did to get nothing, except initiate the quest. Regardless of the outcome, Captain Cryptic will ninjawarp to one of 11 different locations inside AF4XX Academia - three locations are within New Town, one in Grand Avenue Palace of Dreams, one in Alley, one in Grand Avenue Square, and five within Grand Avenue. Captain Cryptic holds five fragments in total - to get the first fragment, you have to answer one question, two correct answers for the second fragment, and so on until five questions for the fifth fragment. Note that each time when you get a fragment, or answer incorrectly, Captain Cryptic ninjawarps to a new location (but never again inside the large north building you first met him in).


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