Floor 50

Check the terminal that wouldn’t budge before - since we have the keycard, a connecting platform rises from below, allowing you to proceed towards the southeast room. Inside is Chocolina with nothing new to offer…

From the southeast room exit to the outer walkway, open the nearby treasure sphere for a Twist Headband and circle around the perimeter to reach the northwest room. Operate terminal No.3 once to turn the northwest room thus creating a shortcut. Go past Alyssa on the middle walkway to find a treasure sphere with a Train Conductor Beret inside. Now talk to Alyssa. After the scene go just a bit north and check the terminal to call up the connecting platform between the middle and inner walkways.

Examine this panel to continue (left). You must reach the northern room (right).

Floor 51

Here we have three circular walkways (actually four, but I’m dismissing the one around the elevator for the simplicity) and five rooms - southeast, southwest, south, northwest and north. Also, next to the elevator are four terminals: terminal No.1 turns the southeast room, terminal No.3 turns the southwest room, terminal No.4 turns the west room, and terminal No.5 turns the northwest room.

Near the southeast room is a treasure cube - use Moogle Throw to recover the ‘Silence’ Gate Seal (enables Time Reversal on AF300 Augusta Tower), then dash southwest a bit and open the treasure sphere with the Bloodguard . Operate terminal No.1 once, and terminal No.3 once to get access to the west portion of the outer walkway. Once here, use Moogle Throw on the two spheres out of reach to nab a Phoenix Down and Sniper’s Eye .

Return to the inner walkway and operate terminal No.4 thrice. Now you have access to the north room. Inside, examine the orange terminal to get Access Key 52 , and then in the same room check the other terminal thrice to rotate the north room. Now you can access the north portion of the middle walkway with the treasure sphere housing a Platinum Casino Ticket . Return to the north room, examine the terminal once to rotate it, and now board the central elevator again. Check the terminal and choose “Yes.” to rise to floor 52, and a Live Trigger: (Noel doesn’t think Caius is behind this mayhem. Then who is?).

With Access Key 52 you can now go higher (left). Here you must reach the northeast room (right).

Floor 52

Here we have three circular walkways and four rooms - southwest, west, northwest and northeast. First proceed through the northwest room to get a treasure sphere with 1450 gil , then on the east part of the middle walkway find 8x Vitality Orb , and lastly waltz through the southwest room to the outer walkway, where you need to use Moogle Throw to reach the Platinum Casino Ticket .

Return to the southwest room and check the terminal inside once to rotate it, then check out the southeast exit to collect the Magistral Crest . Check into the west room, operate the terminal inside twice to get access to the middle walkway. Here operate No.3 terminal twice to rotate the northwest room, grab 8x Mana Engine , then head back to the west room and operate the terminal inside twice to rotate it.

Once you pass the northwest room, open the nearby treasure sphere with 8x Vitality Engine , go north a bit and use Moogle Throw on an out-of-reach treasure sphere to seize 2000 gil . Dash to the east end of the outer walkway and use Moogle Throw to reach the Phoenix Blood . Finally, access the northeast room and inside there’s an orange terminal awarding you the Top Floor Access Key .

Hoof it back to the southwest room, check the terminal once to rotate it, then board the central elevator and choose “Yes.” to rise up to the top floor. A wild Behemoth has appeared…

Top Floor - AI Nucleus

If you examine the elevator’s terminal, you can now choose to go to floor 49. There’s a quest item down there, but as I said at the start of the guide, I’ll leave most quests for post game.

Pick up the 3 x Potions and check in with Chocolina’s shop stop - perhaps you could consider buying weapons that speed up ATB gauge by 25% or 30%? Think of it as a permanent Haste effect. When you’re done shopping, ascend the nearby stairs, receive the Artefact of Rebirth which activates the shiny gate on the top floor and brace yourself for several bosses in a row.

Boss Fight: Proto FalCie Adam (Round 1)

This version of Fal’Cie is a mix of both physical and magical outputs.


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