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Final Fantasy XIII-2
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Damir Kolar
First Published: 24-02-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 10-04-2020 / 09:24 GMT

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Episode 3-B

AF??? | Serendipity

Temptation Plaza - Woah, the door is open - yesss! Open the nearby treasure sphere for a Casino Ticket , then talk to the girl at the entrance to get the Map of Serendipity and another Casino Ticket . The leftmost house, the Chocobo Mystic’s Chamber, is connected to unlocking fragment skills once you meet certain requirements. At this time you can unlock the 1st skill - Mog’s Manifestation (can find monsters and items in strange places), and the 4th skill - Haggler (can sell items for more gil). There are 14 skills in total and they can be found in the last entry of the main menu; Fragment Skills.

Chocobo Mystic and Fragment Skills explanation (left). The FFXIII save-exclusive Lightning Mask (right).

Just above the leftmost house open the treasure cube for 'The Fall' Gate Seal that enables Time Reversal on AF01X Yaschas Massif. In the southeast corner you can find a treasure sphere with the Lightning Mask, but only if the game has detected the presence of a FFXIII save.

The topmost house, Racing Reception, features chocobo racing, an excellent way to obtain some kickass accessories. It is advisable that you wait until you acquire the Gold or Silver Chocobo later on in the game. These Chocobos are supreme in the races and will save you a lot of time and frustration down the line. Before exiting the house, check the tiny chicobo on the west side to obtain AF??? SERENDIPITY FRAGMENT - Chocochick Down (01/05) + 500CP !

The rightmost house, Hall of Gaming, is the damned casino. The Slots should only be used to get the fragment, and then never again. Three fragments can be bought for chips. The casino shop also sells a Wild Artefact but I suggest to wait a while before buying it - you need 100000 gil that can then be converted into 10000 chips to acquire the Wild Artefact. An awful lot of money at this stage in the game.

Casino Rewards

Item Coin Cost
Chaos Crystal 10000
1 Gil 9800
Setzer's Dice 10000
Wild Artefact 10000
Shuffle 50
Shuffle (common) 200
Shuffle (graded) 200
Chocoboost 200
Chocobull 500
Phoenix Down 400
Librascope 4000
Unicorn Horn 1600
Phoenix Blood 1600
Elixir 30000
Item Coin Cost
Ribbon 10000
Summoner's Mask 5000
Party Hat 10000
Shooting Star 1000
Black-Rimmed Glasses 3000
Pink-Rimmed Glasses 3000
Long Gui's Shell 3000
Bunny Ears 10000
Red Mage's Chapeau 10000
Queen's Mask 3000
Vacationer's Shades 3000
Gold Shades 3000
Violet Shades 3000

That’s about it so exit to the Historia Crux and choose AF400 Academia.

Important Tip: To get one of the best COM monsters in the game, warp to AF??? Archylte Steppe. Enable the fragment skill Mog’s Manifestation, then go south from the Nomad Camp into the Plains of Eternity and look for a small patch of red flowers in the field of grass. Toss Mog in that patch at least two times to get Chichu . To maximise its potential, pump Chichu full of Power-type monster materials. When we beat the game, this little fella proves to be a mighty ally. If you do not want to backtrack at this stage, you can wait until you face the Dragoon enemy and capture that instead. It is a very powerful COM.

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